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The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 12: Jamelle McMillan gives insider account of summer league and shares expectations for next season’s Pelicans

So much information from such a wonderful source of knowledge — don’t miss this must listen!

ASU v UCLA Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jamelle McMillan, who is normally an assistant coach for the Pelicans and will be entering his sixth season on our sidelines, was selected to sit at the top of the food chain during the past several weeks as the head coach of the New Orleans summer league team in Las Vegas.

Despite a 1-4 record prior to tourney play, Jamelle aptly says that the team was only a combined 4-5 possessions away from winding up 4-1. Records aside, he was proud of this group of guys because of their effort levels and demonstrated ability to soak in and execute a lot of new information.

Listen to Jamelle go into great depth about his personal experiences to get to this point, an insider’s account of a ton of behind the scenes action and, of course, the entire SL roster, placing specific focus on the expectations and results of Cheick Diallo and Quinn Cook as well as mentioning a few surprise performers. (Hint: one of the guys is a player I’ve been touting since the first game — Jalen Jones.)

Next, Jamelle highlights what’s next for him (besides catching up on a lot of sleep) and the players. Although training camp doesn’t start until September many are already working hard for next season and there’s plenty of reasons for fans to be excited. For instance, there’s good hope Solomon Hill is on track to have a nice campaign and we shouldn’t be quick to dismiss the chances of Darius Miller making a contribution.

Jamelle also uniquely describes his role involves so much more than just x’s and o’s, practices and training. The bonds he is able to form with individuals might be the most important aspect because it opens the door to everything else, and he can’t wait to get closer to DeMarcus Cousins or go pick Rajon Rondo’s brain.

“We’ll see if I can connect with DeMarcus here and we can become besties. He’s been a good guy, we’ve talked a couple of times. We’ll get Rondo in here and figure it out.”

Although he loves his current position and remains incredibly grateful for the on-going opportunity to work for the Pelicans, he doesn’t hide the fact that becoming a head coach is a position he would like to achieve someday.

Anyways, that’s enough written details. Go have a listen right now!