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2017 NBA Free Agency: Rajon Rondo back in New Orleans Pelicans crosshairs

The front office could do a whole lot worse in trying to add another ball handler to the roster.

NBA: Playoffs-Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Rajon Rondo’s name is once again being connected to the New Orleans Pelicans, but this time there’s a decent chance that both parties may come to an agreement.

According to Zach Lowe and Adrian Wojnarowski, the Pelicans and Rondo are meeting in Louisville today to discuss the terms of a 1-year contract.

Last month, the Pelicans were rumored to have an interest in Rondo if the Bulls waived his contract. Considering the trade of Jimmy Butler immediately kicked off a rebuild in the Windy City and Rondo’s contract was about to guarantee for over $13 million, the choice for Chicago was an obvious one. Not surprisingly, multiple teams have been linked to the point guard ever since, and just a few days ago, the Los Angeles Lakers were reportedly mulling over the idea of signing Rondo with their room exception.

Many are underwhelmed by today’s news and that’s understandable. Rondo has been a controversial figure in multiple stops and possesses a key flaw — a dependable, floor-spacing perimeter shot. The Pelicans have publicly announced the roster needs more shooters and Rajon doesn’t fit that bill.

Yet, barring another DeMarcus Cousins miracle, I don’t think we can realistically expect the Pelicans to add a player who could check all the boxes. Outside of Jeremy Lin or Eric Bledsoe, there isn’t another available point guard I’d rather see in New Orleans. Reggie Jackson’s contract scares me because his knee is a major concern and his fit is far from ideal. Names like Brandon Knight and Ty Lawson are even more discouraging to contemplate.

Despite his weakness from the perimeter, Rondo can solve some problems for this roster. His ball handling, vision and defensive chops would fulfill a priority. Now Alvin Gentry’s dream to see Jrue Holiday function in a desired combo role can become a reality and Darren Erman’s defense can remain an effective and versatile group.

We can be sure the coaching staff would also prefer to not have to rely on Quinn Cook in the event Holiday rests, or worse, needs to miss some games. Cook has shown promise in summer league, but let’s not expect that to translate seamlessly to the rigors of an 82-game regular season schedule.

And no, Rondo’s potential theatrical behavior doesn’t scare me much.

What is the biggest complaint about Rondo? Keeping him engaged and relatively happy over the course of an entire season! If the bond between Erman and Rondo remains a close one, the coach may feel confident he could keep the temperamental Rondo out of trouble. Furthermore, perhaps the front office thinks Boogie’s presence could also be a beneficial one as he has admitted Rondo is like a brother to him, a great player and a great person.

Stay tuned because it sounds like the New Orleans Pelicans are closing in on another move. Rajon Rondo isn’t the optimal solution, but be sure to keep in mind the list of alternatives.