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2017 NBA Free Agency: Pelicans may have something up their sleeve when it comes to adding a shooter

See, isn’t Joel Meyers the greatest?!

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

During the New Orleans Pelicans versus the Atlanta Hawks, Joel Meyers dropped a juicy tidbit which is likely to be of great importance to Crescent City fans.

At the 4:26 mark of the first quarter, NBA tv analyst Rip Hamilton mentioned James Young in the context of the Pelicans needing stronger guard play. Immediately after that remark, Meyers, this game’s and New Orleans regular season color commentator had the following to say.

“Now, New Orleans still has cap space and I’m told they’ve got something up their sleeve as well when it comes to shooters that are still out there and the potential of picking somebody up."

Obviously, the Pelicans have no more cap space left after officially signing Jrue Holiday late last week, but we can probably assume Meyers meant to refer a salary cap exception to sign an available free agent, likely the taxpayer MLE.

For reasons outlined wonderfully by Jason the other day, one of the Pelicans few avenues of adding more talent to the roster without triggering a hard cap at the apron of $125 million and some change is through the taxpayer MLE. Most assume that Dell Demps signed Frank Jackson to a 3-year deal yesterday using this exception, paying the rookie $815,615 next season. If this is the case, the Pelicans still have up to $4,376,385 to spend under this exception.

Would that be enough to get lucky on Ian Clark, Arron Afflalo or another good perimeter threat?

The answer sounds like maybe!!!