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No consensus exists on whether Jrue Holiday stays or leaves the New Orleans Pelicans

Are you as divided on the prediction as we are?

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NBA: Orlando Magic at New Orleans Pelicans Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

In less than a month’s time, the free agent moratorium begins where NBA teams are allowed to negotiate with players. Soon thereafter on July 6, free agency commences and signings can be made official. As of today, do you think it's more likely that Holiday re-signs with the Pelicans or comes to an agreement elsewhere?

Jason: I have seen the signs that Jrue Holiday may decide to leave the Pelicans in free agency, but my gut is still saying he will be back on the team next season. Unless a team like the Knicks or 76ers offers a 4-year/$130 million contract, I don’t see why Holiday would choose to leave. The Pelicans can offer him more money and years than anyone else, and he would be able to play with a potentially historical front court of Fire and Ice! So unless an unknown personal reason forces Holiday and his family out of town, expect to see him sign a 5-year/$130 million deal with the Pelicans (give or take $10 million).

Kevin: I think he won't find a better monetary offer or chance to win anywhere else so I think he re-signs. However, I'm not beaming with confidence with that answer.

Jamile: I think Holiday is loooooong gone. I remember back when Les Miles was on the verge of being replaced by Jimbo Fisher (before Bobby Jindal messed that up for us too), and Jimbo asked for the world. He desired a salary approaching $8 million annually as well as a host of other best-in-class perks.

When someone’s opening volley in a negotiation is to ask for the moon, it usually means they're not really interested, but if you massively overpay them, they'll consider it. This allows them to say you didn't match their offer so they had to say no, which is what they truly wanted all along.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at New York Knicks Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors claim that Holiday has asked for the max (no surprise), and he reportedly would like the Pelicans to sign his brother, Justin Holiday, for an above market deal. If true, that's a LeBron James type of roster demand for only a fraction of the talent. To me, this is a signal from Holiday that he wants out so it will take the Pels to meet more of his demands than any other team.

David: How could I possibly know if Jrue Holiday himself is probably in the dark on the matter? Sure, back channel discussions between teams and Holiday's agent are taking place, but, right now, I honestly doubt even Jrue knows. If I were a betting man, I wouldn't bet on Jrue's destination. I'll predict he stays at a price higher than most Pelican fans prefer.

Oleh: From a logical perspective, one expects Holiday to have several good reasons to re-sign with the Pelicans, yet my instincts can’t help but notice the warning sirens going off in the distance.

Oftentimes when a prominent free agent is intent on returning — despite looming contract negotiations — there is usually a sign or two. For instance, Jeff Teague professed a love for Indiana; George Hill praised fellow teammates including Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert, hoping to be able to build on their success this season.

Houston Rockets v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Straight from the horse’s mouth over the final weeks of the season, Holiday claimed that he hadn’t even contemplated free agency and offered no other clues about his future. Furthermore, all of his teammates expressed a hope they could convince him to stay but understood his decision would be centered around what would be best for his family.

As I wrote last month, it’s easy to imagine Holiday going to highest bidder and there’s a good chance it won’t be the Pelicans.

Ryan: Like most Pelicans supporters, I would love to see Jrue stay, but I think it is unlikely. He's getting older and most likely wants to find a team that has a strong chance at winning in the next two to three years. But, like I said would be great to see Jrue stay in New Orleans.

Travis: Call it a bad gut feeling, but I'm now picturing Holiday leaving. DMC comes to town, AD continues to explode, a new coach wants the ball pushed faster and faster and Jrue finds himself on the outside looking in. Holiday's game has always confounded me — basically, after all these years I still don't know if he's any good — and he might take the money and spotlight of New York.