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New Orleans Pelicans should enter the sweepstakes for Paul George without reservation

Solomon Hill’s recruitment of his former teammate is spot on!

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

A simple tweet by Solomon Hill turned what was left of Father’s Day 2017 completely upside down for fans of the New Orleans Pelicans.

In case you missed the #WojBomb from earlier on Sunday, Paul George has informed the Indiana Pacers he will not seek to remain with the franchise beyond his current contract. Although it’s widely known he wants to eventually wind up on the Los Angeles Lakers, chances are George will find himself on another team first as one should expect the Pacers to trade him for the most enticing offer on their desk to kickstart their rebuild.

Reportedly, Kevin Pritchard, the new general manager who recently replaced Larry Bird, is seeking two first round picks and a starter; however, that price may be a little out of date considering the Pacers have less than optimal leverage, on it’s face George appears to be a 1-year rental for 28 of the 29 competing teams, and Indiana wants a deal concluded as soon as possible.

What makes Hill’s tweet so interesting is that if the Pelicans can somehow find a way to bring George to New Orleans, they would likely field the scariest rival to the Golden State Warriors. A lineup of Jrue Holiday, Paul George, Solomon Hill, Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins would form a defensive shroud around the perimeter and boast an offense with three 20-point scorers.

If you may remember, the Pelicans were interested in acquiring George prior to the last trade deadline. Dell Demps had to settle for only landing Cousins, but it sounds like he should go to that well again. Consider that adding another incredible talent should also theoretically help the odds of retaining Holiday, and perhaps at a discounted price.

Why else spend assets on a player who has admitted a different desired destination?

Just as Holiday might suddenly be more compelled to re-sign with the Pelicans, one has to imagine Paul George would be hard pressed to walk away from such a talent-laden roster, especially if the dynamic group were to make a lot of noise in the 2018 postseason. Then if George were to sign a new contract in New Orleans, you have to believe DeMarcus Cousins would quickly follow suit.

Chasing Paul George certainly has it’s share of risks — namely losing him and Cousins in a year’s time while mortgaging a ton of the future that could invariably lead to a Davis departure. However, looking at this scenario from the other end of the spectrum, this may go down as the Pelicans best opportunity in history to become the next great super team in the league. You just have to give that option a chance, no?