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Pelicans NBA Draft Lottery Open Thread

New Orleans has a 4% chance of keeping their pick and making a big splash this summer

NBA: NBA Draft Lottery Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most hilarious spectacles in sports, the NBA Draft Lottery, is tonight at 7:30 PM central on ESPN.

For long term New Orleans Pelicans fans, the details of the process are known like the back of our hand, but there are always new fans who need a lottery primer, or old fans who have tried every year to forget thinking this was the last time ping pong balls would be the show in May.

Alas, here we are again.

Alvin Gentry, who recently received a vote of confidence from owner Tom Benson and president Mickey Loomis, will represent the franchise on the telecast. While the show begins at 7:30, picks will not be announced until closer to 7:45 or even later. Those first fifteen minutes or so will be filled with talking, largely about the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics.

Do not expect much, if any, discussion on the Pelicans chances. They have a 4% chance of moving up into the top three and keeping their first round pick, otherwise the pick is conveyed to the Sacramento Kings, completing the DeMarcus Cousins transaction.

The telecast is wholly different than the lottery itself. The lottery, conducted some minutes before, selects only the top three picks beginning at number one. Record sorts out the remaining 11 selections. However, for maximum drama, the telecast begins at pick 14 and counts down until the top pick. If the Sacramento Kings are not read at pick 11 or 10, there is reason to get really excited because New Orleans has jumped up into the top three. Representatives on the telecast are completely unaware of the results and learn as we all do on television. Alvin Gentry’s face should be perfect for this role.

Join us right here for all the highs and lows. If the Pelicans keep the pick, we’ll be writing about their various options, and if not, we’ll still be writing about our favorite second round picks New Orleans can target with the 40th selection.

What: NBA Draft Lottery

When: May 16th at 7:30 PM central