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New Orleans Pelicans continue to emit waves of incompetence from Tom Benson-led ownership top

One month after the end of the regular season, Alvin Gentry and (likely) Dell Demps still remain in the dark about their futures with the Pelicans.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans-Press Conference Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Alvin Gentry joined Adrian Wojnarowski on the most recent edition of The Vertical Podcast and touched on a number of topics, but the one that should have grabbed your attention the most revolves around the head coach’s employment status going forward with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Unless I hear otherwise...

I feel like I’ll be back.

Nearly a month has passed since the end of the regular season yet Alvin Gentry doesn’t know with 100% certainty that he’ll be standing on the sidelines for next season. Hell, the NBA combine started today!

If the Pelicans are serious about conveying a first-class image, making New Orleans a top free agent destination, and in general, care about doing things the right way, the publicly scrutinized head coach and general manager cannot continue to endlessly operate in limbo. They deserve to be treated with far greater respect from above — in this particular case, Mickey Loomis, Tom Benson and the rest of the all-too-quiet brass — so that the two men may carry out their responsibilities fully and appear to be on equal footing as their peers around the NBA.

When asked about whether he had received any assurances from ownership about his job status at the season-ending presser, Demps replied, "The season just ended yesterday. I walk in here everyday excited about my job. I don't ever feel the pressure or anything like that. Right now, we're in evaluation mode. We're going to sit back, I'm going to meet with Alvin, and we're going to go over the whole season.”

Although Demps dodged the question, Gentry did not.

"Haven't had that (talk with ownership), that'll happen soon, I'm sure," Gentry said. "It's not anything that I spend a lot of time worrying about. I'm at the office and I'm working and I'm preparing for the summer like I normally do that.

One day after the regular season wrapped up, Gentry was sure he would soon get an opportunity to talk with ownership about his job. A time period of one month is miles and miles from soon. And look, he’s still waiting!

You want Anthony Davis to remain with the Pelicans for life? Interested in keeping DeMarcus Cousins beyond this year? Care to put an end to all those questionable comments about the organization made by former players? Want fans and media alike to believe your commitment to the team is wholly positive and unwavering?

Then start acting like you give a damn!

Yeah, I’m with T-Bob. After listening to Alvin Gentry and Dell Demps face employment questions for much too long... for a second straight season... how can you all not be miffed by the Benson’s, Loomis and all others hiding under the umbrella, too???