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Alvin Gentry plans to curb Anthony Davis’ minutes, wants DeMarcus Cousins in better shape next season

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Look for Cheick Diallo and Quinn Cook to get golden opportunity to showcase their ability over the remaining portion of the schedule.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With four games remaining on the schedule and the New Orleans Pelicans out of playoff contention, Alvin Gentry is planning to deviate from standard operating procedures.

Anthony Davis, who is averaging a career-high 36.3 minutes per game and has already established a new personal season-high for minutes played, will see his workload reduced before the season concludes on April 12.

“Obviously we’re not going to play him 40 minutes in the first game and then a bunch of minutes in the second game {of a back-to-back}. I don’t see how that would benefit him at all, so if we’re going to play him in the first game and he gets in the 30s, he probably won’t even play in the second game.”

Following the loss to the Nuggets on Tuesday, the head coach promised both Quinn Cook and Cheick Diallo would get more playing time down the stretch. With plans to limit Davis and DeMarcus Cousins battling right achilles tendonitis, don’t be surprised to see Jrue Holiday gently close out the season, too, thereby opening up even more available minutes for the rest of the roster.

In other news, Gentry also commented today that he would like to see Cousins enter next season in great shape.

Incidentally, Cousins reportedly got in the best shape of his life last summer as he took up yoga, pilates and weights in heated rooms to not only get ready for the upcoming season but also for the Rio Olympic men’s basketball team.

According to head coach Mike Krzyzewski, Cousins was in “unbelievable shape.”

Despite the great results, Cousins admitted it was a grind getting through the grueling workouts, with plenty of challenges still remaining ahead.

Cousins raves about how loose and limber he feels on the court. But Cousins still has not conquered one level of training he said will break you down physically if you’re not ready. That’s the hot sculpting class, which combines yoga, pilates and weights to use “high intensity intervals” designed to “sculpt your muscles into a lean body.”

Cousins takes on the challenge of hot sculpting, even if it makes five-pound weights feel much heavier.

“That’s a whole other level,” he said. “That’s tough. I’m still trying to get the hang of that, but I enjoy that as well.”

Hot sculpting? Good luck with that Big Cuz!