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DeMarcus Cousins gives Russell Westbrook MVP props and Anthony Davis dislikes Dallas Cowboys

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The two New Orleans Pelicans All-Stars give answers to a wide-range of questions!

NBA: Sacramento Kings at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The sports paparazzi recently cornered DeMarcus Cousins and asked his opinion on several basketball-related hot topics.

First, when challenged about whether Russell Westbrook is having the greatest season of all time, Cousins replied, “First of all, on top of all the hoops shit, Russell real... As far as the basketball stuff, he’s having an unbelievable season, MVP candidate. He’s having a historical season so we’re going to see what happens. He’s definitely deserving of the MVP trophy.”

Cousins would go on to add that James Harden also deserves Most Valuable Player Award consideration.

Next, DMC was quizzed about 2017 draft picks.

TMZ: “Who is the best prospect to come out of March Madness you think?”

Big Cuz: “I’m going to roll with D’Aaron Fox, Malik Monk, my boy Bam-Bam {Edrice Adebayo} — anybody coming out of Kentucky. Man, anybody coming out of Lexington, they the best prospect.”

TMZ: “What about Lonzo? What about Lonzo? Do you think the Lakers will take Lonzo?”

Big Cuz: “Never heard of him.”

TMZ: “His dad is pretty vocal, bro.”

Big Cuz: “His dad is legend.”

Anthony Davis was also caught on camera, but it was in a much different setting: a RedBull Rapid Fire Q&A. His sister, Lesha Davis, was the one with the microphone and the topics were about as random as anyone can imagine in honor of National Sibling Day.

Among other things, we learn AD has a preference for comedy over horror because of a fear of the dark and general dislike of anything scary to choosing cowboys over indians even though he’s not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys (!!!).

In addition, sorry Rihanna, but The Brow is a Beyoncé fan through and through, and he’s definitely a dog lover, as evidenced by four different breeds running around at home.