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New Orleans Pelicans should entertain trading Terrence Jones for shooting guard depth

Perhaps target Justin Holiday, Marcus Thornton, Dion Waiters or maybe even Kyle Anderson?

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Although so many of us have been and remain proponents of his, it’s time to admit that Terrence Jones is a good candidate for a new home. He is both rumored to be on the trade block and plentiful playing time is in serious jeopardy. Where would you like to see the Pelicans trade him and for what in return? (Please remain as realistic as possible.)

Jason: Wilson Chandler

Though I have been an advocate of Jones in the past, I understand why we need to move on. I would like to see if the Pelicans can work some more trade voodoo with the Denver Nuggets and likely a third team for a package that returns either Will Barton or Wilson Chandler. Hey, we just landed DeMarcus Cousins so it doesn’t hurt to dream big!

Kevin: Kyle Anderson

For a while I had been stumping for us to send Jones to Toronto for a 2nd round pick, but the Ibaka trade has killed that move. His salary makes him really easy to move in a player for pick deal or combined with Alexis Ajinca in a salary dump. Either way we need to get this done.

The only teams that I would think have any interest are playoff squads. In the West suitors will be limited. The Thunder stand out as the most likely candidate as they have lost bench scoring bigman, Enes Kanter for several weeks. They could give us their 2nd pick in 2017, though it would likely go to Denver due to protections. Therefore, the 2018 2nd is more likely. They would also have to clear a roster spot for this trade to work because the Pelicans cannot afford to take back any desirable contract, so maybe OKC could waive Anthony Morrow to get this done.

I could also see the Clippers being interested, but they too would have to waive a player and they don't have their own 2nd until 2019 most likely due to trades and protections.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Toronto Raptors Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs are the remaining Western Conference team I could see having any interest. It could also be the best trade for the Pels as they could possibly turn Jones into Kyle Anderson who seems to have lost some favor in San Antonio, but could be a nice rotation player filling in at the 2-4 spots in New Orleans.

In the East the Cavaliers make a lot of sense with the injury to Kevin Love, but they don't have anything to offer in return. As a worst case scenario the Pelicans could just sell Jones to Cleveland for cash and the open roster spot to fill a bigger need.

The Wizards could also make a lot of sense with Andrew Nicholson not working out and Jason Smith really being the main back up big man. They would have to waive a player to make this work, but they do have their own 2017 2nd round pick which could be good enough for New Orleans. I don't see many other teams needing Jones on a contract that doesn't give you bird rights.

NBA: New York Knicks at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Isaac: Marcus Thornton + 2nd round pick

As to not upset the balance of native Louisianians on the roster, I think a trade with the Wizards for Marcus Thornton and a future second-round pick could satiate the needs of both squads. The Wizards are surging but shallow, and suddenly the Pelicans find themselves slightly short at the guard position. Hopefully, this knocks closer to the conservative side from a New Orleans perspective, as well.

Jamile: Brandon Rush or Jodie Meeks

The Pelicans should be looking at packages that include a return of someone like Brandon Rush, Jodie Meeks, or perhaps Anthony Morrow. Anthony Davis and Boogie Cousins will have intense gravity with NBA defenses, leaving the wings wide open to make opponents pay for crashing down on the Twin Spans. (We all need to make this a thing.)

The Pels should be looking to land as many shooters around their big three as possible. They already have good pieces in Solomon Hill and E'Twaun Moore, but if the team can supplement them with more marksmen from the outside, New Orleans has the potential to be really dangerous.

David: Any useful guard from a Jones-approved destination

Someplace Terrence Jones wants to go. Look, Jones took almost nothing to get here and the Pelicans front office needs to do right by him. In an ideal world they receive another guard or an asset. But, with Jones not carrying bird rights and on a tiny contract getting much of anything is going to be difficult.

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Oleh: Dion Waiters or Justin Holiday

Who wouldn't mind seeing Jrue Holiday have his brother join him here in New Orleans? However, since the older Holiday has proven his worth to be far greater than the value of a throw-in, the Pelicans would have to hope attaching a second round pick would be enough. Of course, it would help if the Knicks not only have an interest in Jones, but that they’d be somewhat confident in being able to re-sign him.

Since Holiday is my long shot, I’m volunteering to take a trip to the Island... Waiters Island that is. Hey, I understand his history as well as anyone but he has been hot enough over the last few months that he could be worth a flier. Plus, I trust Pat Riley’s brainwashing should last at least through the rest of this season, and besides, Waiters knows he’s still playing for a new contract. I would prefer James Johnson infinitely more, but the Pelicans are desperate to add more guards to the roster.

Overall deal: Waiters for Jones + Pondexter + 2nd round pick, but sadly Luke Babbitt would probably have to get waived.

Ryan: Leandro Barbosa

Some guard depth in return for Terrence Jones would be nice, so maybe try and put a package together with the Suns since they are so top heavy? I think it's realtistic that New Orleans chases a player like Leandro Barbosa for Jones and Pondexter (to make salaries work). However, if they can't muster a solid guard from Jones then a draft pick would definitely be useful.

Travis: Draft pick

I don't particularly care where Jones goes, but I'd like to start getting more draft picks since we just departed with a couple. Can we get two second-rounders? Can we somehow grab a late 1st rounder? I'm sure a good team wants depth for the playoffs, so how about his old stomping grounds in Houston?