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The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 60: It’s Holiday in attack mode season and we are all grateful

...Except you no-gooders and your Boogie slander machine.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Preston treats Thanksgiving as Halloween and goes in his Larry David costume — hear how all of his good intentions broke all of his in-laws unwritten holiday rules. Oleh and I went on two very different holiday escapes — he took his with him to Florida and I hid inside my bunker with friends and pork loin and soul records. We hope yours went as perfectly as you had it planned — unless that plan involved firing off a bunch of anti-Boogie propaganda, which just made you a bloated and poorly stuffed turkey on turkey day.

Preston gets us going with the positives of the week: come-from-behind victories over the Thunder and the Spurs (and the officials), followed up by a NBA2k-like beat down of the Suns where we got to see our victory gizzard — Wild Turkey himself — Omer Asik do a reverse layup. Even the loss to the Kevin Durant-less Warriorsdidn’t they win a championship without him? — couldn’t spoil our moods. The mid-section of the West is starting to droop like your overstuffed belly covering the elastic waistband of your finest holiday sweatpants, but the Pelicans continue to trend upwards — hear what we liked the most over the last four games.

Oleh breaks down the problems with our perimeter defense — is it scheme, is it IQ, is it effort, is it a lack of lateral quickness, or is it some of all of that?

Preston drags out the half-dead mule everyone’s been beating — turnovers, and we continue to look for ways to reduce them.

We dive into individual performances, most notably Darius “Reggie” Miller and Jrue Holiday’s emergence as legitimate offensive threats. We discuss Rondo’s impact on Jrue hitting his stride.

Remember when John Salmons was our veteran locker room presence? I do, those were dark days. Oleh breaks down how our graybeard big three are the calming and heady influence on our roster we’ve sorely lacked for years (no offense to Kendrick Perkins, but he was riding alone).

After tip-toeing around it all pod Preston opens, “The Boogie Box” and Oleh and I come to Cousins’ defense. Oleh drops the amazing stat that Boogie has only been over .500 for less than 50 days in his entire career. I suggest he isn’t used to playing with great players — he has 8 years of having to do everything muscle memory to combat. We do our best to chase away those yapping dogs that are shitting on Boogie’s lawn. If you are tired of slander mountain, we got you.

We grade Alvin Gentry’s performance this season. He’s winning Oleh over. Me, ummmm....he’s okay...I guess.

We also take a breather to discuss what kind of NBA player Alvin Kamara (the man who makes me watch football) would be — thanks to our listeners for your questions, please keep them coming. Send them to me (@kevinbforbounce), Oleh (@OlehKosel) and/or Preston (@PrestonEllis) and we will put them into tupperware to open on the next pod.

Oleh and I nailed last week with our 3-1 predictions and we look at the next three games and provide our predictions against the Timberwolves, Jazz and Trailblazers. Will the good times continue to roll? We think so.

Give it a listen. Rate us. Review us. Share it with your friends. Follow us on Twitter. But most importantly, help us build a wall around our Boogie and protect him from the slander machine.