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The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 56: Boogie Is Really Trippin’

The Big Picture Boys talk after a 106-105 win against the Atlanta Hawks and Preston preview the Raptors rematch with Chris McKee.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at New Orleans Pelicans Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor and I, aka The Big Picture Boys (maybe The Bigger Picture Boys??), talk after a 106-105 win against the Atlanta Hawks. The Pelicans came from behind, then nearly gave it up from ahead with a key late turnover.

What are we to make of DeMarcus Cousins? He had the best statistical line of the night, finishing with 22 points, 16 rebounds, seven assists and three steals, but wasn’t on the floor for key minutes as the Pels came back from a nearly-all-game-long deficit. His seven turnovers weren’t pretty and tonight featured career nights from maybe two Pelicans players: E’Twaun Moore had 24 points and four assists and Darius Miller made 8 of 11 shots in 21:45 scoring a career-high 21 points (last high was 18 points scored in a game in April of 2014).

Kind of amazing to have such a win without Anthony Davis doing much, who only totaled seven shot attempts and finished with 13 points, 10 rebounds, seven assists, two steals and four blocks (wow!), much of which came after an awkward-looking slip and fall under the hoop after he landed on a mop!? Still amazing to see such a line when he was so obviously hampered most of the night. Meanwhile Jrue Holiday had lesser numbers but still seemed to play one of his better games of the season, lol.

Trevor makes good use of four words to describe Boogie and the Big Picture Boys talk if he needs to be on the floor in playoff minutes. We mentioned the playoffs!

In the second part, Preston talks to Chris McKee about the Toronto Raptors. Even though, the Pels faced them less than a week ago, there’s a few things you may have not known that could be key in Wednesday’s rematch.

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