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The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 54: DeMarcus Cousins shoulders are big but others deserve blame too when things go wrong

Plus Preston sits at the dock of the bay with previewing the Clippers with Robert Flom of ClipsNation

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

You live by the Boogie, you very rarely die by the Boogie.

Look Pels fans, don’t go cardboard sledding off Splash Mountain. The Pelicans have played 12 games — Boogie was won us 6, nearly won us 4 more with a lost in the nether supporting cast tied behind he and Anthony Davis’ backs and he’s also lost us 2 — including last night’s heart breaker in Toronto.

I’ll take that ratio... You should too.

He’s a star — a mercurial one at times — but a star nonetheless. It’s just unfortunate that bad — or should we say, head in other places — Cousins showed up in Toronto when everyone else’s offense was finally clicking.

Oleh and I discuss exactly what went wrong with him, and possibly how some better coaching could have righted the ship. I suggested yanking him for a few minutes early on the settle him down, then get him in the post to get some easy buckets or draw fouls. Eventually, I convince Oleh that Alvin Gentry should take some of the blame for how Cousins was handled, and how the offense was run in general.

However, despite the loss, this game wasn’t a failure. We saw several positives — including a small ball lineup featuring Anthony Davis, Darius Miller, Dante Cunningham, Jrue Holiday and Jameer Nelson that was an overwhelming net positive — including a 7-0 scoring run at one point. The Pelicans had been dismal when our Big Tymers were not on the court together prior to tonight — is this going to be a trend, or was tonight a flash in the pan? We’ll find out over the next few days.

The platinum lining around AD and Boogie’s previously dark cloud of a supporting cast was Jrue Holiday and Dante Cunningham becoming NBA players again.

What changed for these two? Listen and find out.

Gentry’s 8-man rotation and what to do with Josh Smith is also discussed — even if we’ve since learned what to do with Josh Smith.

We also discuss what the starting lineup should look like when Rajon Rondo returns to action.

Then Preston reclaims his throne and goes behind enemy lines with Clipper Nation’s Robert Flom in hopes of finding out how to sink their battle-wounded ship. Can the Pelicans take advantage of an injury-riddled team on the second night of a back-to-back?

Robert gives you the literal who’s who of who is that that will likely be filling out the Clippers guard/wing rotation when they mix it up in The Blender.

Robert delivers great news to Jrue Holiday — Patrick Beverley won’t even be in the building — though he still may be in Jrue’s nightmares. While habitual Pelicans’ killer Danilo Gallinari will not play, Robert tells us why we should fear rookie guard Sindarius Thornwell — a draft day target of David Fisher’s if I remember correctly.

However, fear should still exist Pels’ fans as Lou Williams will have the greenest of lights and the former 6th Man of the Year enjoys the rims at SKG. Robert also suggests we may see a Point Blake vs Point Boogie that could mean until our injured point guards return we are both point broke.

Preston digs deep into stats to identify analytics-fueled mismatches. Robert gives you the front court defensive match-ups, and a very interesting take on what they would have been had Gallinari been healthy. Robert mistakenly uses common sense and suggests that the Pelicans likely play slow because of our big men.

Check it out. Listen. Rate it. Review it. And maybe win a chance to see this match up in person — FOR FREE!!!