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2017 New Orleans Pelicans Player Reviews

Pelicans should keep Alexis Ajinca because his value is greater than the trade scraps he’d fetch in return

The fanbase has undoubtedly tired of waiting for more, but Cheick Diallo probably won’t be ready yet and New Orleans isn’t probable to add stronger talent in free agency.

2017 Player Reviews: Jordan Crawford enjoyed instant success but aims to help Pelicans make playoffs next season

Now throw your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care. And if you like Instant Grits and all that irrational confidence everybody let me hear you say Oh-Ye-Yer...

2017 Player Reviews: Anthony Davis Reclaims His Throne

Some had their doubts about Anthony Davis coming into the season. He made them look very, very foolish.

2017 Player Reviews: Dante Cunningham has graduated from college threes to a ‘Corner Boy’

He should also be remembered for becoming the Designated Cutter & 5-Man Combo Glue Factory

2017 Player Reviews: DeMarcus Cousins arrives and gives Anthony Davis a legitimate second star

It took a couple games to get acclimated, but then BoogieBrow took flight

E’Twaun Moore eyes shooting guard position in starting lineup next season for Pelicans

New Orleans has identified a need for shooters around Davis and Cousins so expect Moore to get another chance to seize the role.