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Buddy Hield's personality shined brightly in The Starters interview from Las Vegas Summer League

'Buddy Fresh', one of Hield's three personas, made a fun appearance.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Buddy Hield made a guest appearance on Friday's late episode of The Starters. Starting at the 9:20 minute mark, Hield gave a brief synopsis of his first game in a Pelicans uniform, expressing relief that his first game was out of the way but noting his motivation was strong to make amends for his poor performance.

However, the main event of the interview followed his recap of the matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Starters created a unique game just for Buddy called, "Fact Checkin' with Buddy Hield." With the very first question, he had his entire panel of hosts in laughter as he blamed his mother about the fact his name was derived from Bud Bundy's character on Married With Children.

"Ask my mom about it, it's not me. It's her fault. It's her fault."

Later, Hield expressed a specific disdain for rollercoasters.

"I just watched too many movies and have seen things happen. And every time I go around them, I feel like something bad is going to happen."

Hield then explained his three alter-egos in greater detail: Buddy Fresh is for when he goes out; Buddy Love is for the ladies; and Buddy Buckets is for the basketball court.

Two other factual items worth a mention was Hield has no tattoos on his body and he is an avid fan of the Game of Thrones.

Please watch the entire episode for yourselves. It was especially priceless to see a reluctant Buddy Hield finally give in to the pressure of throwing a cake, that was awarded to him by the show, high up into the air and splash down amid the members of the audience.

By the slim chance Hield fails to reach star status in the NBA (knock on wood), there is a no doubt his personality will always keep him in the limelight, something the Pelicans have desperately needed to offer in such a vibrant city as New Orleans for quite some time.