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Tyreke Evans displaying dogged determination to return back to the basketball court

In spite of the latest injury update by the New Orleans Pelicans, Evans Instagram account is attempting to paint a rosier picture.

NBA: Washington Wizards at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Tyreke Evans has kept busy this summer, attempting to work his way back from a right knee injury that has seemingly refused to heal completely for over the last calendar year. Although Alvin Gentry has already gone on record stating that Evans will not be ready at the start of the 2016-17 season, one would be hard pressed to assume this after reading through Evan’s Instagram account.

Evans has routinely been adding posts to his page, highlighting some of his exercise routines from the gym. Interestingly, the videos started appearing just a few days after Gentry’s announcement; since July 18th, he has posted four video clips in all.

Outside of demonstrating a single prowler push (pushing a weighted sled across a floor), however, all of the movements appear to put little to no force on Evan’s right knee. This is completely understandable, especially if the rumors are true that he suffered a legitimate setback in recent months, yet it’s worth noting that Evans appears more adamant than ever to prove his playing days are closer than many believe.

About nine weeks ago, Evans left a cryptic message, “Y’all keep talking and I keep pushing.”

Y'all keep talking and I keep pushing

A photo posted by @rekehavoc1 on

Then two weeks later, he made a post that included the word haters in his written line.

Young havoc y'all have a good day #haters#fans#everybody

Was this some sort of reaction to perceiving negativity surrounding him at the time? Perhaps to some news that the New Orleans Pelicans were actively seeking to trade him?

The following post from the day before the 2016 NBA Draft sure seems like it was designed to act as some sort of response to any and all doubters.

Just a day before the above post, Corey Calliet announced on his Instagram account that Tyreke Evans was a new client. Calliet is a fast growing name in the trainer industry, best known for working with Michael B. Jordan in preparation for his role in the movie Creed.

Evans is very serious about getting back on the court and he’s very much publishing this fact. It’s no secret, though, that the New Orleans organization has included Evans name in trade talks this offseason. We first learned of these rumors back in late April — hence why The Bird Writes has published quite a few trade scenario articles concerning Tyreke Evans.

In time, this news was later corroborated from other outlets. For instance, Brett Dawson stated on the July 14th Locked on Pelicans podcast that an Evans for Greg Monroe proposal was indeed true.

“Multiple teams were engaged in conversations during this free agency period with the Pelicans about Tyreke Evans. I can’t tell you the teams. As I’ve said on this podcast before, I can tell you one is Milwaukee, and that centers on a trade that would include Greg Monroe going to New Orleans.”

There probably isn’t an NBA fan left on this earth who hasn’t heard about a Greg Monroe to New Orleans rumor. Obviously a deal hasn’t happened yet, but according to Zach Lowe it very nearly did.

“Meanwhile, the Bucks cannot give Greg Monroe away. Again, what is essentially an expiring deal. I think they got closer than maybe has been reported with New Orleans.”

With how little demand there exists for Monroe’s services around the league and the Milwaukee Bucks not looking for much in return, has the holdup continued to be Tyreke Evans?

Very few outside of the Milwaukee and New Orleans front offices know for sure, but logic dictates that if Evans’ knee remains as questionable as ever, it would explain why both players have not changed addresses — there simply is no reason for the Bucks to take on the risk if the Pelicans are refusing to attach any other enviable assets.

That said, this may not remain the status quo down the road. If Evan’s proclamations come true, there is a good chance both teams will revisit talks once the season has begun. Stay tuned!