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Solomon Hill reveals Dell Demps once alluded their paths would cross again following 2013 NBA Draft

Additionally, the Pelicans newest forward says he's kept busy this summer working out at the renowned P3 training facility.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Solomon Hill has apparently been the apple in Dell Demps eye for quite some time.

In a recent article by Bruce Pascoe of the Arizona Daily Star, it was revealed the general manager of the Pelicans first approached the 4-year collegiate small forward prior to the 2013 NBA Draft. According to Hill, Demps alluded to the fact that although he likely would not be coming to New Orleans immediately, it did not necessarily mean that would remain the status quo.

"Just because you get picked by a team doesn't mean that's (forever) the situation. There's gonna be free agency, there's gonna be trades and I have guys I'm looking at."

Kevin Pritchard, the Pacers general manager, confirmed several teams came calling as soon as Indiana selected Hill with their 25th overall pick. Then this past December, the Pelicans were rumored to be interested in trading for Hill. Smartly, the team decided to wait for free agency, otherwise, Demps would have been limited to offering Hill just the full amount of the declined option ($2.3 million). Obviously, that would not have been nearly enough to secure his services for next season.

Hill was the first free agent to reach an agreement with the Pelicans during the July moratorium, but he states that the $52 million dollar contract will not cause him to relax.

"I'm hungry. I mean, all this financial stuff is cool, but I just look at it as I have a bigger responsibility for this team. I'm so excited. I'll get to know the team and be part of something. The sky's the limit for me. I'm just gonna put work into it."

Hill claims that he is spending most of his time this offseason working out at the P3 training facility, a state of the art fitness center in California that blends science and technology with sports. Their claim to fame is discovering biomechanical deficiencies, altering the negative bodily movements and increasing a player's athleticism while reducing the likelihood of future injury.

Hey, that's music to all our ears! (**Knocks on wood**)