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2016 NBA Free Agency: Jeremy Lin chooses Brooklyn Nets over New Orleans Pelicans

The role and relationship Brooklyn can provide is the likely deciding factor.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans were certainly interested in Jeremy Lin, reportedly meeting with the point guard early this morning in California. However, the first confirmed Pelicans target is off the board as Lin has announced that he will be signing with the Brooklyn Nets.

Dell Demps and Alvin Gentry were likely offering Lin a chance to back up Jrue Holiday and function as a combo guard off the bench. The Nets, devoid of talent almost throughout the roster, presented the chance to start. It helps that new head coach Kenny Atkinson was an assistant with the New York Knicks during the throws of Linsanity in the Big Apple.

Jeremy Lin will sign a surprisingly reasonable contract for this summer, just three years and $36 million. Adrian Wojnarowski recently tweeted out all the details. While it is player friendly with a player option and trade kicker, an average annual value of $12 million is a bargain in this market when Timofey Mozgov is signing a four year, $64 million deal.

So far the Pelicans have not made a big mistakes. Let's hope they keep it up.