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2016 NBA Draft: New Orleans Pelicans draft selection predictions

Buddy Hield seems like the favorite on our staff.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Predict what the New Orleans Pelicans are going to do with the sixth pick tomorrow

Kevin: The Pelicans will probably draft Kris Dunn with the 6th pick. I think he will fall a little as teams jump up to grab Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss.

Joseph: Jamal Murray falls to the 6th pick and the Pelicanssssssssssssssssss trade him. If you forced my hand, I will say Pelicans trade Murray and next years Lottery protected 1st to the Lakers for D'Angelo Russell. So Dell saves face by sticking to his plan of avoiding the draft and Pelicans fans are happy with the return. Win, win.

Chris: With the sixth pick in the NBA Draft, the Pelicans will select Buddy Hield.

Isaac: Although I yield, I say Buddy Hield. The Pelicans are done messing around with trading picks, and they're looking to reassert the team as the upcoming fearsome unit in the West. To validate that, I think the Pelicans want someone who will make an immediate impact with minimized growing pains, something that an experienced, selfless player like Hield would fit the mold of. Being an upperclassmen, Hield exudes nonchalance in pressure situations and can instantly fill the whole of outside shooter that Eric Gordon will presumably leave. He's a team-first scorer too who's not going to try to meet a quorum of attempts in every game and instead look for the best option. Seems like a good fit. I don't think Hield has the star potential that Murray does, but that's okay. Held would be a solid weapon for this team, nonetheless, and is one of the surest picks in the draft.

David: Buddy Hield is the pick that makes the most sense. I can see how Kris Dunn (either to Minnesota or to a team that trades up with Boston or Phoenix) and Dragan Bender (to Boston, Phoenix, or a trade partner) should be off the board when the Pelicans get on the clock. That leaves Jamal Murray (possible) and Buddy Hield as reasonable selections.

Ultimately I think Hield's superior physical tools, athleticism, maturity, work ethic, and reputation earn him the selection from this front office.

Jonny: "Ahhhhhh," Dell Demps says with a rye smile directed at Danny Ferry.

"Don’t do it, Dell," Ferry said sternly.

"But, bro. He’s good."


The Pelicans trade the No. 6 pick to the Sacramento Kings for Rudy Gay

Quentin: Trade for Paul Millsap, put him next to AD and extend Jrue for two seasons. But seriously, I think Hield is going to be the pick. I think Minnesota will scare New Orleans fans for a bit, but Hield will fall to New Orleans, the Pelicans snatch him up and the Pelicans will have an intriguing young guard on the roster.

Oleh: Sorry folks. All of the speculation over the last few months has been for naught because the Pelicans are going to end up drafting Buddy Hield, the prospect often first linked to them. Since being ousted by the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs two years ago, ownership has desired to emulate the team from the Bay. Well, now they have an opportunity to take a big step towards reaching that goal by adding a prolific scoring guard whose quick release and incredible range remind many of Stephen Curry. Additionally, Hield sits close to perfection in Dell Demps' eyes too -- possessing the requisite experience and fantastic intangibles.

Fernando: Pelicans will select Jamal Murray.