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2016 NBA Draft: Opinions split on the preferred prospect for the Pelicans on draft night

Our writers have a wide variety of favorite prospects.

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Who is your favorite prospect with the 6th pick for the New Orleans Pelicans?

Kevin: I'm still in favor of trading down to acquire more picks, but only if we can still land Denzel Valentine. I think he's the next Steve Smith, but he's more exciting and emotional on the court. I'm worried about his knees, but I'm hoping that the minor surgery he had has fixed any and all issues. If the Pelicans can trade down to 9 with Toronto whom should be trying to land one of the coveted bigs (Bender, Chriss, Sabonis, Davis, or Johnson) while also getting their 27th pick, or trading with Denver for 15 and 19 or with Phoenix for 13 and 28 this is what the Pelicans should do. In those spots they should be able to draft Valentine and then add a second quality prospect.

Chris: I have been Team Buddy since the college basketball season, but have started to lean towards Jamal Murray. I have them as a 1A-1B, with the slight nod to Buddy.

Isaac: Y'all know I love Jamal Murray. Feel free to check out my big board comments on him, but I think a pure shooting stroke on a freshman is rare in the NBA draft. And the Pelicans need a shooter. For a freshy that averaged 20 points per game and shot the highest percentage coming off screens, however, I think a knockdown shooter is just the beginning. Murray has point guard skills, is elusive despite lacking elite speed, and has plenty of finishing potential. For me, I like Murray and Hield the best, but Murray's untapped vein of his scoring game is what entices me into thinking that this guy could be the next big Kentucky alumnus.

David: The young one. Jamal Murray or Dragan Bender. Tell me a different story Dell Demps. Tell me that ownership is willing to be patient, willing to learn for its mistakes. Tell me that you, Dell, are willing to stick your career here on the line to do the right thing for the long term health of this franchise.

After a season of dashed dreams, injuries, and horrendous play I want a new narrative. One I can support regardless of results because the process was sound. Dare to #TakeFlight.

Jonny: I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDYYYYYYYY

Quentin: Trick answer: I don’t have one. All these prospects are perfectly flawed, so there’s no one I look at and say this prospect is my favorite of the bunch for New Orleans (I consider Bender a top 3 prospect, so he doesn’t really count for me, I guess). I like the group right under the top 7-8 prospects or so. Wade Baldwin just screams George Hill to me -- and I think he has more upside than that -- and Timothe Luwawu has combination of youth, size and secondary skills to be a fun player in time.

Oleh: Dragan Bender. Don't get me wrong, I really like Buddy Hield and Kris Dunn, but the young Croatian piqued my curiosity when writing his draft profile. Bender's upside is higher than every other 2016 prospect not named Ben Simmons, and the thought of having he and Anthony Davis roaming the front court together for the next 10+ years in New Orleans is positively salivating.

Can you say no tangible weaknesses!

The duo would form the backbone of the league's most versatile defense -- two near seven footers with excellent reach, IQ and instincts able to stay with nearly any position on the floor -- all the while leading the most dynamic offense, offering a marksmanship never witnessed before out of such intimidating size. If surrounded by three other floor spacers... let's just stop here and wish good luck to opposing defenses because a rabbit's foot would have better odds of slowing them down than any out-of-the-huddle strategy.

Of course, this means Bender must cash in on most of his potential, which if he gains the requisite weight and adds the appropriate strength, has better odds of occurrence than you might think.

Fernando: The ideal fit for the New Orleans Pelicans and my favorite prospect of this draft is one and the same, Jamal Murray. He is intelligent, possesses a great outside shot and should be able he to create for himself. I believe leaving the restricted Kentucky offense will assist his playmaking skills to naturally blossom in the creative environment of the NBA.