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2016 NBA Draft: Jaylen Brown tops our list of least favorite prospects for the New Orleans Pelicans

An elite athlete? Sure. Brown falls woefully short in all other areas.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Which prospect should the Pelicans avoid with the 6th pick?

Kevin: They should avoid all big men and focus on the high quality guards and wings that could all fall into that range. 'Nuff said.

Isaac: Not sure if he's really been talked about, but a name floating around the top ten is Skal Labissiere. Pardon me, but I like the prospects who averaged more than six points a game in college. Maybe that's just me. More over, Labissiere looked woefully out of position on the court and just didn't seem to have nothing but natural athleticism. The NBA requires more than that.

Chris: Jaylen Brown. I am of the opinion that if a player is not a star in college, how will he be a star in the NBA with better players and coaches?

David: Jaylen Brown is the prospect with the most question marks. First, his stock is built around his physical profile and athleticism. While the athleticism is there his physical tools are just average. Many compare him to Al-Farouq Aminu coming out of college and the comparison just doesn't hold any water physically.

Aminu measured 6'8.5" tall with a 7'3.5" wingspan and 9'0.5" standing reach. Brown was just 6'6.75" (giving up nearly two inches) with a 6'11.75" wingspan (nearly four inches less) and a 8'6.5" standing reach (giving up HALF A FOOT). Brown collected 10.8% of available rebounds at Cal, Aminu collected 17.6% at Wake Forest. Aminu shot better from the foul line, and produced more steals and blocks with fewer turnovers and fouls. In every respect Aminu was a vastly better prospect coming out of college. Brown is just a month younger than Aminu was at this point.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Jonny: The Pelicans have a great position in the draft. One of three guards will most likely fall to them, and Dragan Bender may become the next European stud. I don’t think there will be a "bad" selection at No. 6. With that being said, I would not select Jakob Poeltl. The Pelicans might find itself in a position where Buddy Hield is off the board, and are faced to draft Bender, or another ball dominant guard in Murray or Kris.

They may be swooned into selecting Poeltl, to fill a need at the 5 slot. Don’t be swooned, Dell. Trade back, or trade the guard if you’re committed to Jrue Holiday. There are other players (like The Flock’s David Fisher’s personal crush Denzel Valentine) that could fill needs right away. The Pelicans could use more than one impact player right away, no need to reach at the 6 slot.

Quentin: I already touched on Jamal Murray. In short, I just don’t see him blossoming with all his flaws on the defensive side of the floor. I guess the Pelicans should also avoid Marquese Chriss, but I’m intrigued by the guy who possesses the tools and is still figuring out the game. I think long-term he’s a power forward, and a decent one, but he probably needs to go somewhere like Toronto and sit for a year, get onto a roster who can cultivate him, push him and teach him on the defensive end.

Oleh: It's another vote for Jaylen Brown, a poor shooter and lousy decision-maker. His measurables scream average and he didn't test well during the interview process at the Combine. But, rumors have surfaced in recent days that he has looked great in several team workouts, even showcasing a good jumper.

I'm sorry, but I'm not buying what some are selling. 929 minutes played at the University of California should matter a hell of a lot more than half a day's work on a practice floor. Significant improvements in one's game do not happen overnight.

My best case scenario for him is he'll finally figure it out on the basketball court after his rookie contract is over, perhaps following in footsteps of Aminu. The Pelicans do not need to develop another raw wing for someone else down the road, or wait for years to see the fruits of their labor on someone who projects to have less than a star ceiling.

Fernando: The Pelicans should avoid Jaylen Brown at all costs. He hasn't developed a good jump shot and is a below average playmaker. He also raised some concerns during the Combine interview process, pointing towards a potentially damaging ego. He is way too much of a gamble at the sixth pick, and if that is New Orleans best option, they should look to definitely trade away the pick.