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2016 NBA Draft: Mock drafts send Kris Dunn most frequently to the New Orleans Pelicans

However a new name is linked with the Pelicans, Marquese Chriss.

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A relative consensus has built around the top eight prospects in this draft. After Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram some combination of Jamal Murray, Dragan Bender, Kris Dunn, Marquese Chriss, Buddy Hield, and Jaylen Brown appears consistently. That same top eight we had last week in these four mock drafts comes back this week, although in an entirely different order. The New Orleans Pelicans have typically been sent one of the three guards, last week it was split evenly between Buddy Hield and Kris Dunn. This week we have a new projection, with Washington University big man Marquese Chriss coming to the Crescent City thanks to USA Today's Derek Bodner.

A quick word on Marquese Chriss. I don't like him as a prospect whatsoever, even less than I like Jaylen Brown. Chriss fouled out of 15 games this year, posted a dreadful 0.38 assist-to-turnover rate, and ranks as the worst rebounding big man in the entire class. This bit from his DraftExpress scouting report could not read worse.

Where that tends to show up the most vividly right now is as on the defensive glass. At 4.1 rebounds per-40, Chriss ranks among the least prolific power forwards in NBA Draft history according to our database. Among first round picks, only Thaddeus Young (who played mostly SF in college) had a worse defensive rebounding rate in the draft's last 30 years. Chriss almost never puts a body on opposing big men in an attempt to box out and prepare for loose balls coming off the glass, and his relatively small standing reach (measured at 8'9, comparable with most small forwards) didn't help matters much. In addition to his instincts, his motor here leaves a lot to be desired as well, as if at times appears he's operating at half speed, and far more focused on his work on the offensive end.

Not surprisingly, that translates to the rest of his play defensively. He has the quickness needed to stay in front of nearly everyone he encounters, and the explosiveness to block a decent amount of shots, but lacks the fundamentals, discipline and consistent effort required to take advantage of that. Opposing coaching staffs regularly targeted him in isolation situations, and found a lot of success doing so, as he would typically either commit a foul or give up a basket.

Chriss was one of the most foul prone players in college basketball, being disqualified from 15 of his 34 games, and committing four fouls in ten others. Many of his fouls seemed highly unnecessary, particularly early in the season, and appeared to be almost entirely due to a lack of focus.

To summarize, Chriss has an awful feel for the game, terrible basketball IQ, and a poor motor to top things off.

No. Thanks.

Draft Express - Givony (6/17) CBS Sports - Vecenie (6/14) CBS Sports - Parrish (6/16) USA Today - Bodner (6/13)
Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons Ben Simmons Ben Simmons Ben Simmons
Los Angeles Lakers Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram
Boston Celtics Kris Dunn Jamal Murray Jamal Murray Jamal Murray
Phoenix Suns Marquese Chriss Dragan Bender Dragan Bender Dragan Bender
Minnesota Timberwolves Buddy Hield Marquese Chriss Buddy Hield Kris Dunn
New Orleans Pelicans Jamal Murray Kris Dunn Kris Dunn Marquese Chriss
Denver Nuggets Dragan Bender Buddy Hield Marquese Chriss Buddy Hield
Sacramento Kings Jaylen Brown Jaylen Brown Jaylen Brown Jaylen Brown
Toronto Raptors Jakob Poeltl Jakob Poeltl Henry Ellenson Deyonta Davis
Milwaukee Bucks Henry Ellenson Deyonta Davis Jakob Poeltl Jakob Poeltl
Orlando Magic Skal Labissiere Skal Labissiere Skal Labissiere Skal Labissiere
Utah Jazz Wade Baldwin Ante Zizic Timothe Luwawu Wade Baldwin
Phoenix Suns Domantas Sabonis Furkan Korkmaz Deyonta Davis Henry Ellenson
Chicago Bulls Timothe Luwawu Henry Ellenson Domantas Sabonis Timothe Luwawu

We'll have one last look at mock drafts coming up the morning of the draft. Until then let's hear your opinions about these prospects.