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2016 NBA Draft: Four mock draft projections for the Pelicans, including the second round

All three guards make an appearance.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Mock Draft season has nearly achieved ludicrous speed. Many sites are updating every few days and the four we look at today are including both rounds. Not only do the New Orleans Pelicans have the 6th pick but also two second round selections: 39th and 40th. There is still plenty of disagreement on who New Orleans will pick with the 6th pick, let alone with their two second round selections.

Nailing the first round pick and just one of those second round picks could do wonders for this franchise. Two players on cost controlled contracts beside Anthony Davis would provide much needed flexibility as the salary cap explodes. The Pelicans hosted a huge group of prospects earlier this week, including one common second round pick mocked to New Orleans, French guard Isaia Cordinier.

Who might be coming to New Orleans? Let's take a look at four different projections.

Draft Express - Updated June 13th

6th: Buddy Hield

39th: Isaia Cordinier

40th: Georgios Pappagiannis

CBS Sports (Sam Vecenie) - Updated June 14th

6th: Kris Dunn - For my money, Dunn is the best guard in the draft, and Pelicans get him here at No. 6. He also hits a solid position of need for the team, as the team's three core backcourt pieces -- Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday -- are either free agents this year or next year. Just a perfect marriage here.

39th: Isaia Cordinier - Cordinier also had a tough call, but decided to stay in the draft. The Pelicans worked him out on Monday, and it's easy to see them as interested.

40th: Malcolm Brogdon - Whereas Cordinier won't be ready for at least a year, Brogdon is basically as plug-and-play as second rounders get. Toss him into an NBA game now, and he wouldn't look out of place in the slightest.

Tankathon - Updated June 15th

6th: Kris Dunn

39th: Zhou Qi

40th: Ben Bentil - Updated June 15th

6th: Jamal Murray

39th: Anthony Barber

40th: Isaiah Cousins

Personal favorite Malcolm Brogdon (check out my prospect profile) appears at 44 (DX), 40 (CBS Sports), 36 (Tankathon), and 38 ( Another favorite of the blog, Patrick McCaw, is all over the place. 41 (DX), 45 (CBS Sports), 45 (Tankathon), and 25 (

Which second round pick excites you the most?