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2016 NBA Draft: How well Buddy Hield fits on New Orleans Pelicans roster

Seamlessly? Most of our writers agree.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

If he's available, should the New Orleans Pelicans select Buddy Hield?

Kevin: This question depends on who is on the board at the time. If Murray or Dunn or on the board I think I'm starting to lean towards either of those two prospects. However, if they are and Dell picks Hield, I won't be upset. He's a solid pick who is ready to step into either a starting or lead bench scoring role from day one. He may have the lower ceiling, but he is the safer pick that fills the biggest void instantly.

Joseph: Yes. I think Buddy Hield has officially been underrated at this point. NBA writers like to be contrarian and it seems uncool to like him right now. Buddy would fit well as a weak side offensive option on the Pelicans. Just imagine the gravity created by having AD on one side, Hield on the other, and Jrue running the show.

The best counterpoint for drafting Buddy Hield is the Pelicans need help on defense and his work on that end is considered suspect. Call me crazy, but I think Buddy would help the Pelicans defense next year.

If you watched the Pelicans for the past four years, you probably know their offense has been pretty good, even ranked as high as 10th overall last season. Yet, it never felt like the Pelicans were capable of getting easy buckets. Most of their offense relies upon Anthony Davis, and as a consequence, he often looked exhausted in the middle of games. Draft Buddy, let Davis relax on offense more often, and I have a feeling we will see a better defensive AD and Pelicans squad next season.

Chris: Buddy Hield is the player that I want the Pelicans to select on draft night. I feel the negatives against Hield are similar to those of a Damian Lillard or Stephen Curry (too old, not big enough etc.). These two point guards entered the NBA as fantastic shooters and scorers but were drafted and sixth and seventh respectively due to perceived weaknesses.

Guess what Buddy does really well? He shoot like an incredible marksman. He is so electric on that end of the floor that teams must gameplan for him. One difference, though, is Buddy played at a big school and led Oklahoma to the Final Four, proving he can carry a team on his back. I do not question his work ethic, his desire or his IQ. These are all things the Pelicans need on their roster.

Isaac: Depending on who else is off the board, yes. I like Jamal Murray more just because I like having extra years reserved for NBA development, but I think Hield's scoring unquestionably carries over. The Pelicans could use that spark, especially with Eric Gordon removed from the roster, and Hield has NBA range easily to add to a lacking trickle of threes in an evolving game. He's great at running off of screens and can also take it over as a solo act. My questions come from other facets of the game, though. Will Hield's size limit his defensive ability? Does he have the potential (unpopular word, I know) to be as good as a younger player at the same position? Hield is a top six prospect for me, but he isn't at the top of my realistic draft board.

David: Without question in my mind. Buddy Hield has a sterling record of health, has improved every single year in college, and has an impeccable reputation as a worker. The shooting ability is going to carry over to the NBA, especially in New Orleans where he will be asked to be no greater than the third option (behind Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday) most nights.

This is not to say Hield has no warts. He regressed defensively from his junior to senior years, likely a result of the burgeoning load he was asked to carry on offense. While he has flashed the ability to attack closeouts Hield collected a paltry number of assists considering his usage. The Pelicans already have some experience with a marksman on offense also functioning as a black hole and minus on the defensive end. However, ultimately I believe in his work ethic and determination. The physical tools are there to be a quality defender. Add that to his desire and limited offensive responsibilities and I believe the coaching staff in New Orleans can mold him into a two-way NBA force.

Quentin: Yes. I think it makes sense for both parties to see Buddy Hield land in New Orleans. The Pelicans need talent on the wing and Hield would provide that at the low cost associated with rookie contracts. The idea of Pondexter and Hield in New Orleans for a hair under $7 million is enticing. Hield's arrival on a team where he would not be asked to be the number one option could further expand his game and effectiveness.

I still have questions, though. He’s not a good passer/decision-maker at all, finishing with more turnovers than assists last season. I doubt he has much upside left, and his defense is suspect. At a minimum, he is going to need to expend additional effort on that end of the floor to garner plenty of minutes. Ultimately, I don’t see a star, but a potential starter who can space the floor.

Zachary: If he's there, yes. I get every pick can go right or horribly wrong, but Hield feels like a sure thing. Even if he never morphs into a star, you can't tell me that with his work ethic, demeanor and shooting stroke he can't be a major contributing NBA 2-guard.

Oleh: Absolutely! Once Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram are off the board, Buddy Hield is my next favorite pick for the New Orleans Pelicans. Instead of unnecessarily restating anything, my stance from over a month ago remains quite pertinent.

In addition to the deadly perimeter shooting, I like his odds of becoming a passable defender thanks to his work ethic and more than adequate reach. But most importantly, no one else in the draft offers stronger character traits. Hield oozes an undying love for the game of basketball and I think he is precisely what this locker room needs: a genuine, joyous personality who won't be afraid to be outspoken at times. Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday need a Buddy Hield to slap the floor when it's time to get a stop.

Fernando: Yes, the Pelicans should absolutely select Buddy if he is there... and Jamal Murray or Kris Dunn are not. Buddy is a lights out shooter who plays with a lot of energy and fire. The fit is nearly perfect, with defense the only concern. I fear once he's tasked with guarding the elite competition of the NBA, the concern will turn into a significant weakness.