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New Orleans Pelicans tumble down ESPN Future Power Rankings

After a disappointing year that failed to answer numerous questions, the Pelicans rightly slip down the latest NBA standings.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Pelton and Chad Ford released their NBA Future Power Rankings last week, and the New Orleans Pelicans were positioned 18th on the list. Six other Western Conference teams finished lower, indicating the organization's future may be not as bleak as previously thought.

One year ago, the Pelicans franchise rated 12th, but that showing surprised some, including myself, considering a playoff run and other perceived good news came on the heels of a ranking of 13th in 2014. No matter the reasons, it looks like ESPN correctly predicted the need for lower optimism.

New Orleans new score of 46.0 points finished behind last year's total of 53.7, with the biggest categorical drops occurring in Management and Money. For the future power rating definition and the complete descriptions of the categories, click HERE.

So, what do you guys think? The scores plus the blurb accompanying the Pelicans ranking behind the Insider paywall seem spot on. Here's a sample:

The optimism surrounding the Pelicans this time a year ago was squandered by an injury-marred 30-52 campaign that left serious questions about the health of star Anthony Davis and the roster's fit with coach Alvin Gentry's preferred style.

Pelton went on to state that the team has a chance to move on from Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson and Tyreke Evans didn't fare well under Gentry in his first go-round with the new head coach. Armed with draft picks and some wiggle room in free agency, though, Dell Demps has a chance to get things back on track.

Hard to argue with any of this, no?