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The Pelicans Bryce Dejean-Jones dead from apparent gun shot wound at the age of 23

Sadly, Bryce Dejean-Jones died early Saturday morning after suffering a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The circumstances around Bryce Dejean-Jones death remain unclear at this point.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple sources have reported that Bryce Dejean-Jones died early Saturday morning at the age of 23. Those reports have been confirmed by the Dallas Coroner's Office. It was later confirmed by Bryce's agent, Scott Nichols, that Bryce Dejean-Jones died from an apparent gunshot wound to the abdomen.

A subsequent report by the Dallas News, per the Dallas Police Department, stated that Bryce Dejean-Jones suffered the gunshot after he supposedly kicked in the front door of a local Dallas area apartment. That account comes from the person who shot Bryce Dejean-Jones. Bryce Dejean-Jones was not found located in the apartment but was outside of the apartment in the "breezeway". The circumstances around the shooting of Bryce Dejean-Jones remains unclear at this point, and are currently under investigation.

The Pelicans have released the following statement:

It was clear to anyone who paid close attention to the Pelicans team this year that Bryce Dejean-Jones was one of the most beloved players both inside the organization and by the Pelicans fan base. In his short time with the Pelicans, Bryce Dejean-Jones managed to capture both the hearts and imaginations of a mostly disillusioned fan base. He will be missed.