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The staff predicts the draft lottery finish for the New Orleans Pelicans

Does it basically boil down to whether you're typically an optimist or pessimist?

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Today is the day the New Orleans Pelicans will learn their fate in the NBA draft lottery. Four years ago, lady luck smiled upon Tom Benson's new investment and a golden ticket in the form of Anthony Davis was awarded to the franchise. Does a similar fate lie in store with Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram sitting at the end of this rainbow?

Mathematical probability gives New Orleans a 6.3% chance to walk away with the 2016 first round pick, a 7.1% chance for the second overall selection. On the flip side, they have a 43.9% chance to stay in 6th but a 30.5% chance to slip to 7th. For complete odds, please refer to Fish's article last month.

So without further ado, here are your writer picks for the important May 17th drawing!

Writer Predicted Pelicans lottery finish
Jason Albert 6th
Kevin Barrios 6th
Isaac Constans 6th
Chris Cucchiara 7th
Jay Dunn 1st
David Fisher 6th
Kenny Kleibert 1st
Oleh Kosel 7th
Fernando Ritzman 2nd

Pretty reasonable guesses considering the majority are right in line with the most likely outcome. Here are several quotes that accompanied some of the predictions:

Jamile: I've had this weird feeling all season long that the Pels would win the NBA draft lottery. I had the same feeling in 2012 when they won the Anthony Davis lottery. Admittedly, this is probably just wishful thinking, but I really do think they are going to win it. It will be interesting to see what they would do with the top selection. Ingram may eventually become everything that Gentry said he wanted on this roster, however Simmons brings his own unique skill set that could be quite useful with a few years of development (especially on his jumper). Simmons has the potential to be a bigger more athletic version of Draymon Green, minus the alpha dog mentality. Ingram's shooting touch and length would probably make a quicker impact. With both Demps and Gentry on the hot seat this decision would be fascinating to watch.

JasonI am thinking we will get the 6th, but I will get my chest waxed if we get the 1st overall.

Kevin: I predict that following this injury riddled season our lotto ball gets stuck in the ball machine and they decide to just shake the machine as the mechanics believe it to be a mild issue. However, after 3 hours of shaking they realize it to be worse than first diagnosed. They then hook a vacuum up to suck the ball out and though it is still stuck inside the initial view looks like we jumped up to three. The Pelicans announce this on Twitter, but after performing a more invasive surgery to open up the machine they realize the ping pong ball actually was a nine and not a three. I realize this is not how the lottery actually works, but it's still believable. That being said, I believe we end up at 6, right where we are slotted.

Kenny: I found a penny on heads today so I'm predicting we win the lottery and land the number one pick!