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Anthony Davis is off crutches, primed to drive his new Dodge Hellcat

The New Orleans Pelicans superstar is progressing from surgery and has a new toy in the garage to help fight his boredom.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis was spotted in the locker room today walking without the use of crutches by Justin Verrier, the New Orleans Pelicans beat writer for ESPN. As recently as this past Monday, those crutches were still very much in the picture, as evidenced by this tweet of him viewing the NCAA Championship on television.

A little over two weeks ago, Davis underwent season-ending knee surgery to help repair a degenerative area of his left patellar tendon. According to his latest timetable, he will be able to return to basketball activities in less than 4 months, well before the start of next season.

The timing of Davis' improved mobility probably couldn't be better. According to his Instagram account, he had some custom work done on his Dodge Hellcat and is likely itching to drive it every day through the streets of New Orleans.

What do you guys think of the work done by EAS?

Like it or hate it, it's interesting to note that Davis appears to be a huge fan of Dodge automobiles. If you may remember, one of his H&R Block spots involved sitting alongside Richard in a car, incidentally another Dodge, as they drifted into a don't-try-this-at-home parallel parking job. Perhaps he recommended this make of car for that commercial, or maybe this event led him to go purchase one of his own?