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Deciding among New Orleans Pelicans own free agents

It's not always hard to say goodbye.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans have some of their own becoming free agents this summer? Should they try to re-sign Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Norris Cole, or Kendrick Perkins?

Nico Baguio: Only two guys I'd want back -- Ryan Anderson IF he comes with a MASSIVE discount (else, good bye Ryno! T'was nice knowing ya!) and Perkins. Yes, THE Kendrick Perkins.

Kevin Barrios: The Pelicans should only be concerned with bringing back Tim Frazier and James Ennis.

David Fisher: What is the problem for the Pelicans? Defense. Do either Eric Gordon or Ryan Anderson contribute positively in that area? No. Moving on.

Norris Cole? Nope. Kendrick Perkins? Roster crunch issues. New Orleans is not in the position to waste their precious 15 roster spots. Not when they lack a D-League team and have zero draft-and-stash players developing overseas.

I am intrigued by both Tim Frazier and James Ennis. Depending on the roster crunch and their salary demands I would aim to bring both back; ideally for the qualifying offer or a multi-year deal (under say $2M a season) with unguaranteed years beyond this season.

Jonny Harvey: Wave goodbye to the homies, everyone. Wave goodbye. I’ll save what I have to say about Ryan Anderson for my players piece that you should totally read (shameless promotion), but I don’t see any reason to bring back any of the four. Save that Money, Benson.

Quentin Haynes: Nope.

Oleh Kosel: Tim Frazier and James Ennis, two restricted free agents, should return. They not only proved themselves statistically, but they also exhibited the skill sets to fare well in Alvin Gentry's system.

Beyond these two, it's really a tossup. If Perkins is adamant about remaining a player, discussions can be had, but I feel he'd best serve the franchise in some coaching capacity. Both Anderson and Gordon have had their moments over the years, yet they rarely were decisive difference makers. New Orleans could likely do better with their cap space than spend it on a couple of players who have proven they'll never surpass average production on both sides of the floor.

Fernando Ritzman: Tim Frasier and James Ennis. Frasier played 16 games with the Pelicans with averages of 13.1 pts, 7.5 ast, 4 reb and shooting 41% from 3. Ennis played 9 games and finished with averages of 15.9 pts, 4 reb, 2 ast and shooting 48% from 3. Clearly these are small sample sizes, but those guys fit very well and it showed.

I would also like to see Perkins back but maybe play less, and if what I'm hearing happens, he will be back. I don't see Anderson coming back -- he was pretty upset about the trade rumors and is looking forward to free agency. His shooting will be missed, but his ball stoping and defense will not. Gordon.... Well that's it.

Owen Sanborn: Ryan Anderson is the only player from that list that intrigues me if I am Dell Demps. But again, the price has to be right. If the Pelicans are left getting into a substantial bidding war with the hellacious Sacramento Kings then I am running like hell away from that contract. I guess you could talk me into Kendrick Perkins as well if it is on a minimum deal. If only for his one-of-a-kind scowl and marvelous moving screens.