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Quantifying the Ryan Anderson debate for the New Orleans Pelicans... through poetry

Should the Pelicans cough up $15-20 million a year for Ryan Anderson? This haiku might help.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Anderson,

What should we do with you, Chap?

Cause you shoot so well,

But don’t defend well.

You limped to the finish line..

What do we do, Ry?

$20 million bucks?

That is a lot of dough, Ry.

Talented? Of course!

But so are others.

And they would cost much, MUCH less.

Nothing else to say.

36 percent,

You shot really well from deep.

Thank you, that was fun.

A good pair with our

good friend Anthony Davis?

At times, totally.

You allow him to spread

The floor on offense, making those

Help defenders drift near you.

It is helpful,

But what can you do for me

Defensely, Ryan?


A sad defensive rating.

But can it improve?


Ryan’s rating last season.

So, maybe it can.

Yet I have my doubts.

But I would like to hear yours.

Should Pels keep Ryan?