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Under-the-radar NBA free agents for the New Orleans Pelicans

Should Dell Demps attempt to reunite Alvin Gentry with a former player or two or go in an entirely different direction?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Who are a couple "under the radar" free agents you hope the New Orleans Pelicans pursue this summer?

Nico Baguio: Courtney Lee is the name. But I'm slightly worried -- he keeps changing teams. I don't know if that's his fault or his team(s). Either way, he'll probably come cheaper (or maybe equal) to Gordon AND be a better player. HURRAY!

Kevin Barrios: There's a few guys I like that don't get much attention. I've always thought Jordan Hill was a solid player, he could fit nicely alongside AD or as a backup big. Andrew Nicholson is also an intriguing prospect to add to the big rotation. I like Dwight Powell's athleticism and shot blocking. He and Davis could form a freaky athletic front court. The two wings from Portland — Harkless and Crabbe — are also quality players, but I doubt they leave the Trail Blazers. Troy Daniels is another player I've always wanted for some bench scoring. He's got a nice stroke shooting over 48% from deep this year. I'd also be happy to see us sign D-League MVP and former Pelican for two minutes, Jarnell Stokes, to at least a training camp/summer league contract.

David Fisher: Evan Turner is my pick here because I think he could come (relatively) cheap with the promise of a significant role. Turner cannot shoot behind the arc, which is going to seriously suppress his cost in free agency. In his last two seasons for the Boston Celtics he has averaged 10 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists a game while shooting a ghastly 26.2% from deep. Since leaving the clutches of Doug Collins in Philadelphia, the mid-range jumpers have declined for Turner and when he does put it up he's reasonably efficient as his shot chart from this season demonstrates.

Turner Shot chart

Turner can play either wing position and contributes as a defender and on the glass. He chips in all over the box score and is familiar with Darren Erman's defensive scheme, who coached the Celtics defense last year. Lastly, Turner is remarkably durable, having missed just seven games due to injury over six years in the league. For a reasonable price (under ~$9 million or so?) the Pelicans could bring in a capable NBA player who can be the 6th or 7th best player on a contender.

Jonny Harvey: Is Kent Bazemore considered under the radar? No? Alright, well, Kent Bazemore.

The guy can match up against most wings in the league, and will love playing in an up-pace offense. He can shoot the three (36.4 percent last season, 35.7 percent this season with an average of two more shots per game), and he got Stephen Curry to sign with Under Armor. What else do you want from your 3 man?

Quentin Haynes: Here's four names: Maurice Harkless (combo forward who is more D than 3 at the moment), Jon Leuer (big, not an awful defender and can space the floor), Brandon Rush (nothing special post-injuries, but defense + shooting) and Jordan Clarkson (Lakers probably keep him, but a nice combo guard, lost in the LAL shuffle.)

Oleh Kosel: As mentioned yesterday, I would welcome the Pelicans make a less flashier free agent signing, say on a reserve big man who can also potentially space the floor (Andrew Nicholson, Darrell Arthur, Terrence Jones or Donatas Motiejunas). So, let's turn our attention elsewhere because other holes need filling.

If James Ennis doesn't pan out or if the team moves on from Luke Babbitt or Alonzo Gee, wing depth will be a top priority. Asides attempts to court a Nicolas Batum or Harrison Barnes tier player, New Orleans would need additional bodies. It might be advantageous to take a look at two players who have experience under Alvin Gentry: Jared Dudley and Wesley Johnson (if he declines his player option). Want one last name? Chase Budinger -- but only if the Pelicans medical staff undergoes significant upgrades.

Fernando Ritzman: The three guys I like all have one thing in common: shooting. Terrence Jones could make for a nice option because he might accept a fairer deal with the chance to pair back up with his old college teammate, Anthony Davis. If Arron Afflalo wants out of New York, he's an intriguing veteran that can play multiple positions. Lastly, Allen Crabbe is an emerging player who is very adept at knocking down the perimeter shot. All three match what the Pelicans want to do and are SMARTER players.

Owen Sanborn: I touched on a few "under the radar" guys towards the end of the second question, but I am not one that is against digging deep into the bargain barrel. Mirza Teletovic quietly was frisky over in Phoenix this season and could be a feasible Ryan Anderson replacement. Jared Dudley seems like one of the nicest dudes in the NBA and can also shoot a hefty percentage from all over the floor while providing the requisite defensive intangibles and enough size to survive in small-ball lineups. He would be a great get for the Pelicans both on and off the court.