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Eric Gordon struck by injury again, re-fractures ring finger

Just incredibly poor luck, but this latest injury could mean Gordon might have played his final minutes in his career for the New Orleans Pelicans tonight.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Gordon's ring finger didn't even make it through four full games before snapping again. Following a collision with Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz in the first half on Saturday evening, Gordon had to leave the floor with an apparent injury to the same finger he had broken this past January.

After halftime, the worst case scenario was announced after Jrue Holiday (!!!) replaced him in the starting lineup.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gordon because no one, NO ONE, deserves to consistently be hit with this much injury lightning throughout a career. Since his arrival in New Orleans, Gordon topped 60 appearances in just two seasons, and it appears this statistic will not be changing anytime soon... maybe ever.

In case you haven't heard or had simply chosen to forget, Eric Gordon is in the final year of his oft-ridiculed contract. Many believe that he will not be re-signed by the Pelicans' organization following the end of this season.

Almost as soon as Dell Demps had matched the Phoenix Suns' offer in 2012, Gordon's name has been linked to a number of trade rumors over the years. However, he has remained in the Crescent City because of two distinct reasons. One, Demps was never interested in dumping his contract -- he always asked for an asset in return for Gordon, and two, Gordon was usually never healthy enough to attract the necessary interest. For instance, this last trade deadline came and went with him sitting on the sidelines (although Stan Van Gundy reportedly came close to tempting fate).

It will be interesting, though, whether another NBA team emerges out of the woodwork this summer and offers Gordon $10+ million a season. Heck, at this rate, maybe even $8+ million. Is there a chance the market sours on him so badly that the Pelicans end up bringing him back because they think he represents a bargain?

(Sorry about them shudders, y'all!)