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New Orleans Pelicans have lately been on wrong end of a number of questionable NBA foul calls

Referees have seemingly developed a bias against the non-playoff hopeful team from New Orleans.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last several games, the Pelicans have been whistled for some interesting (to say the least) personal foul calls for a number of bizarre infractions. In one of them, the NBA even admitted a mistake was made at the time. Let's look at the footage and see what you think!

The first #WTF instance occurred this past Wednesday evening when the New Orleans Pelicans were battling the Houston Rockets. At the 3:13 mark of the first quarter, James Harden did this.

There is no doubt about it, Jrue Holiday is one of the most mild-mannered players in the league as his reaction was quite tempered. Harden clearly jumped on his back. What's made more puzzling is the fact that the referee who made the call watched the entire play, standing mere feet away with his view unabated. How on earth his two eyes saw Holiday undercutting Harden is beyond the craziest of logic.

Later in the same game, Harden benefited from another bogus call, and I was livid. Harden not only veered into the path of a forward moving Anthony Davis, he also slowed at the right moment and stuck his rear end out to ensure solid contact.

Thanks to the Last Two Minute Officiating Report, the NBA agreed an incorrect call was made on the play above, stating Harden took an unnatural path to initiate the contact with Davis.

Honestly, this above sequence reminded me of a play back in November when Chris Paul pulled a similar stunt against Anthony Davis. I said it then, I'll say it again: the NBA has to figure out a way to protect unknowing players from the conniving ones who have made a career of skirting the rules, showing no care for possible serious injury consequences. Do we have to wait for someone to tear an ACL or suffer some other season-ending injury before proper action is taken?

During Thursday night's TNT broadcast between the Pelicans and the San Antonio Spurs, Davis was once again on the wrong end of a whistle. This time, Tim Duncan's elbow caught AD squarely in the face, sending him to the locker room for stitches.

Yep, Anthony Davis was called for the foul because apparently a high flying elbow has the right of way. The NBA should be embarrassed that Alvin Gentry had to scream, "We've got blood" as a retort.

Twenty-two games remain on the schedule and I fear we haven't seen the last of some really eye-raising calls against the Pelicans. Such is life as a bottom-dweller in the standings, eh Adam Silver?