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The work of the Pelicans Tank Illuminati have been captured on film

New Orleans has continually denied they are #TankFlight mode, but are they trying to send fans a secret subliminal message? The Bird Writes Investigates.

This week Bill Simmons mentioned in a podcast that he thought the Pelicans were pulling their best Spurs imitation by secretly tanking this season. Full disclosure, Dell Demps was a part of the 97' Spurs organization that decided to tank that season and ended up with Tim Duncan in their lap.


While many fans have been pushing the #TankFlight anthem for a while, the team itself has steadfastly denied any such secret plots. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT SOMEONE WHO IS TANKING WOULD SAY!!!

Maybe the Pelicans can't say it out loud; however, there exists evidence of some serious subliminal messages that have been sent to fans through the course of the season.

First, it all started with this ...

A picture of a tank in the background of a score that showed New Orleans trailing the hapless Brooklyn Nets?

Then almost a month later, another message appeared while the team was hosting the Minnesota Timberwolves!!

Pretty hard to miss those four letters on the scoreboard, but then the exact same bulletin was seen again, this time for the whole world to see when the Sacramento Kings were in town!!!

Three messages that appeared during the competition of play with teams in the mix with New Orleans for the right to claw to the bottom of the NBA standings. Are the Pelicans trying to tell us something???



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