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New Orleans Pelicans dysfunction approaches critical mass

Good times were fun while they lasted.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Just when things have the appearance of getting better for the New Orleans Pelicans a new low comes to light. The organization was far more forthcoming last night regarding the medical diagnosis and plan for Anthony Davis. Great news!

Now, for the turn. The Pelicans are far more dysfunctional than anticipated. Adrian Wojnarowski reported last night that Pelican concerns are being aired in a very public manner, never a good look.

The bigger issue for New Orleans has been a roster of repeatedly injured players, that has crumbled around Davis. That general manager Dell Demps has continually invested in and found marginal success. Demps was unhappy with former coach Monty Williams, who did an incredible job with that team a year ago winning 46 games and reaching the playoffs. Williams was fired and Dell Demps hired Alvin Gentry as his coach. And sources tell me that he spent way too much this year second guessing his own hire as a head coach. Often in very public ways; within earshot of players, staff, and even opponents.

Anthony Davis right now is the least of New Orleans worries.

Wojnarowski has long been tied to potential Demps replacement Joe Dumars, so some may assume this comes from a similar source. Dumars, it must be mentioned, was Vice President of Player Personnel in 2000 when the Pistons fired then head coach Alvin Gentry. Dumars was promoted to President of Basketball Operations at the end of the season.

However, Wojnarowski is not the only reporter on the Dumars scent . Justin Verrier also mentioned Dumars as the eventual replacement during his appearance on the Dunc'd On Podcast. Fletcher Mackel has reported the same for WDSU. Ken Burger reported Dumars as a potential replacement for CBS Sports in January. That's a pretty wide spread of reporters on the same trail.

I'm hardly alone in thinking Demps should be let go. Hopefully if such a move is made the eventual GM will be permitted to select their own head coach. Or the dysfunction will only continue.