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Alvin Gentry is on board #TankFlight

A new hope? For losses maybe.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Alvin Gentry, never one to mince words, could not hold back after a disappointing performance by the New Orleans Pelicans in the final minutes. Up six points with four minutes to go the Pels surrendered a debilitating 16-5 run to close out the game. In 12 possessions the Pelicans committed two awful turnovers, settled for too many jumpers, and dissolved defensively. Despite leading until the very end five of nine shot attempts, include both shots for Anthony Davis, came behind the arc.

Is it time to give up on the playoffs? Gentry has his opinion; the Pelicans playoff hopes are now dead in the water. A six game deficit and ceding the tie breaker to the Rockets is truly seven with 23 games to play.

Visit Tankathon. Keep watching those collegiate prospects.

Fire up the tank. Alvin Gentry is ready to drive.