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Pelicans considering shutting Anthony Davis down for the remainder of the season

Shutting Davis down would have wide ranging ramifications.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis did not play the second half last night against the Portland Trail Blazers due to a knee injury. This morning Davis did not participate in practice. Might the New Orleans Pelicans consider shutting the three-time All-Star forward for the remainder of the season? Alvin Gentry mentioned in his media availability after practice that the Pelicans will "at least have to consider" it.

This season Davis has played in 61 games; his career best is 68 (last year). With 14 games remaining Davis is averaging 24.3 points (good for 7th in the league), 10.3 rebounds (also 7th), and 2.0 blocks (3rd). His PER, "just" 25.2, is good enough for 7th in the NBA as well.

Should the Pelicans follow through and shut Davis down for the remainder of the season it will have significant impacts throughout the future of the franchise. We will cover those in more depth in an upcoming article. For now, let's hear your reaction to the Pelicans possibly shutting Davis down for the season. Good idea?