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Outcome of Pelicans and Kings final matchup of seasons could determine lottery standings

The reactions by Norris Cole and Ryan Anderson are priceless!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

For nearly all of yesterday, the Sacramento Kings owned the worst current losing streak in the NBA at five games. Following their win against the Los Angeles Lakers, the Pelicans are now placeholders of the biggest losers.

Four straight losses isn't all that much in the grand scheme of things of an 82-game schedule, but it can be when it becomes a habit. For the seventh time this season, New Orleans has strung together four or more losses in a row. That's a hell of a lot of L's -- 31 to be exact -- without the interruption of a win.

By contrast, the Kings have endured five such streaks in 2015-16. Although only 2 games separate the teams in the standings, Sacramento hasn't been as schizophrenic and that's frightening. Despite all the DeMarcus Cousins-Coach Karl spats since their union, their team's blackhole at shooting guard, and a malcontent at point guard, the Kings were in legitimate post-season discussions for much longer than the Pelicans.

Regardless, they both now find themselves in identical positions: awaiting the end of a disappointing season, looking at making offseason changes and eyeing the upcoming lottery. (If there is a silver lining in a Kings 7th place finish in the lottery, it's the fact they're primed to hold onto their 2016 first round pick.)

If the Kings beat the Pelicans for the first time this season, the Pelicans will sit three games behind the Kings with 15 regular season games remaining for the 6th worst record in the association. If not, the Pelicans probable 21.5% chance at landing a top-3 pick becomes much more in doubt.

What: Pelicans at Kings

When: March 16th, 9:00 PM

Where: Sleep Train Arena

How: FSNO, 99.5 FM WRNO