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Pelicans face Stephen Curry and Warriors one last time this season

The over/under for Steph three pointers is... 7.5?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when this game actually meant something back in early October?

The Pelicans were destined to assert themselves amongst the Western Conferences' elite behind a lightning quick offense instituted by Alvin Gentry. Anthony Davis was going to be amongst the leading candidates in the MVP discussion. Fifty wins was far from out of the question; it was essentially a formality to many gushing analysts. Perhaps even a friendly rivalry was in the works between New Orleans and Golden State. You know, since they had played in the playoffs in the spring and the Pelicans had taken their lead assistant and all.

Feels like about a decade ago, does it not? I guess that is why a summer's worth of salivating and forecasting a potential dream season is not always a productive pursuit. Oh well.

While most pegged the Pelicans to be on the rise and the Warriors to come back down to Earth a bit, the exact opposite narrative has taken shape this season. Each Warriors game has been a life-altering experience -- some may say it is the closest thing to witnessing Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in their heyday. Only instead of taking to the rim to rip the heart out of their opponents, Golden State wears out the three-point line en route to a litany of theoretical "splash downs."

The methods may be different, but the results are the same: continuous W's.

New Orleans will embark on an empty venture Monday night when they attempt to dethrone the Warriors' ridiculous 48-game home winning streak. The Suns nearly pulled off the upset on Saturday night before reality was put back in order and Brandon Knight's best Steph Curry impression proved to be unsustainable.

With a bare roster, it is safe to say that the Pelicans do not have anyone that can pull off a Steph Curry impression. Unless of course Luke Babbitt learned how to dribble like a wizard overnight or Toney Douglas was given a pass to shoot fifty times over the course of the game.

When you solemnly watch the Pelicans get their butts handed to them on Monday night, please remember one thing: this match up meant something a mere six months ago.

Maybe it will mean something again in another six months.

What: Pelicans at Warriors

Where: Oracle Arena

When: March 14, 2015, 9:30 PM

How: FSNO, 99.5-WRNO (radio)

Enemy Data: Golden State of Mind