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Bill Simmons believes Anthony Davis could be stuck on a bad Pelicans team for a long time

Simmons and Voulgaris insinuate New Orleans could be a bad team for a very long time.

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In the latest Bill Simmons Podcast, with a guest appearance by Haralabos Voulgaris, the duo touched on the state of the Pelicans for around a minute and they didn't waste time mincing words. They are not fans of the Benson ownership group, believe Anthony Davis was surrounded with a terrible cast, and worst, think Davis made a mistake of foregoing a one year deal in place of his extension because there is a good chance he's going to be stuck on a bad team throughout his twenties.

Starting at exactly the one hour mark, they delve into their rant right after critiquing Dan Gilbert's failed attempt in building around LeBron James once he was drafted in 2003. Below is a transcript of their conversation.

Bill Simmons: "It's funny cause New Orleans repeated this with Davis. You know."

Haralabos Voulgaris: "That guy is NOT the best owner...whoever...the owner...Benson."

Simmons: "They're horrible. I don't even know who runs New Orleans. I'm not sure anybody knows who is actually calling the shots, but with Davis, you just want to build. They gave away two first rounders for Jrue Holiday. They paid Tyreke. They extend Eric Gordon. They give Asik, like are you watching basketball, how do you give Asik 55 million dollars?

Voulgaris: "That signing was the worst."

Simmons: "The whole league is moving away from Asik. But I feel bad, and I actually think Davis made -- I said this last summer -- I thought he made a real mistake grabbing the money over waiting a year. Because if I'm him, I kind of want to make sure I'm not going to be stuck for my entire twenties on like a terrible franchise. And that might have happened."

Voulgaris: "I would say that it's very likely to have happened."

Simmons: "They have cap space. If you're a free agent, do you want to go there?"

Voulgaris: "Hey look, when you know you can lace them up and go play at the Smoothie King arena, that's something you gotta think really hard about. I can go play at the Boston Garden or I can go play at the Smoothie King Center."

After praising the Unibrow for possessing the ability to lead a team singlehandedly to 50 wins, comparing Monty Williams and Alvin Gentry to a Hyundai and Tesla respectively, and not giving any credence to the 6 injuries the Pelicans suffered in preseason, Simmons was heavily on board the New Orleans bandwagon back in October.

It's safe to say he must be on track to lose some money at the conclusion of the season in Las Vegas because he hated hard in such a short period of time today. Granted, the Pelicans season has been awful, with few bright spots, but to come down hard on Benson for the decisions of Dell Demps (when the Pelicans general manager used to have plenty of discretion) and to proclaim Anthony Davis will play for a terrible franchise throughout his twenties is a bit over the top, no?