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Following his Pelicans' record-setting performance, The Bird Writes put Anthony Davis on the hot seat

The New Orleans' superstar answered questions ranging from his 59-point outburst to recalling one of his favorite memories of Ingrid Williams with a little bit of everything else sprinkled in between.

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Probably contrary to what some believed just a few days ago, the legend of Anthony Davis has not stopped growing! Amid a disappointing season, Davis reminded NBA fans everywhere on Sunday afternoon why it would be a mistake to stop talking about him. He poured in 59 points, nabbed 20 rebounds and even found the time to dish out 4 assists against the Detroit Pistons, a team consistently lauded at various points this season and possessing Andre Drummond, one of the best paint protectors in the league.

Davis was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule yesterday to spend 15 minutes with me and we touched on a wide range of topics. What may not be gleamed directly from the words below is just how genuine Davis came across in all of his responses. I can't state it enough -- he's as down to earth as they come -- so it should not come as a surprise that sponsors typically outside of the sporting industry like H&R Block have begun to look his way.

Obviously, the first thing that I need to say is WOW. Congratulations on your 59-point/20-rebound game yesterday in Detroit! Did you feel as unstoppable as you looked, and should we expect you to shoulder the load between now and the end of the season?

I definitely felt pretty unstoppable last night. It was a fun time for me, scoring that many points and getting the win. You know, I get a chance to do it again in the near future, hopefully tomorrow.

The pick and roll between you and Holiday worked to perfection. Did the coaching staff call for it so many times or was that something you and Jrue decided to do because the Pistons didn’t solve it?

The great mindset of our coach, Alvin Gentry, came up with that, and he wanted to stick with the pick and roll because their defense wasn't reacting well to it. He made sure Jrue and I stuck to it to exploit it as much as we could. That's why he's our coach. He does things like that which make our team win.

I noticed Jrue and Ryan tried to throw some Gatorade on you during your interview with Jen Hale. Did your teammates try anything else in the locker room, or maybe afterwards?

No, by the time I got to the locker room, they were headed out the door, showered up and everything. I was the last one. I had to go do some media, so by the time I got to the locker room 10-15 minutes later, everybody was already gone.

Where does last night’s win rank on your list of favorite games? At the top? Top-5? Top-10? Have you even thought about it?

No, I haven't really thought about it. Of course, the National Championship game, just winning that, Olympics, World Cup, it's definitely up there. From an individual standpoint, I think it has to be number one. You know, as far as scoring, but overall game, I haven't ranked this one yet.

It’s fantastic that the franchise individual scoring record came in a win as we’re aware the team still very much wants to make a playoff push. What is the vibe in the locker room and is everyone happy Dell Demps didn’t make any trades?

Our vibe in the locker room is happy and trying to take the season one day at a time, one game at a time. We're not trying to overlook anything or downplay anything. We know the position we're in, what our record is and how many games we are out of the playoffs. That's how we approach every game: try to play with a desperation.

Is the current situation similar at all to last season when the team had a nice stretch run?

Yeah, our record was a little better, but a lot of teams have struggled this year, record-wise. We definitely have a chance to make a push here with the last 27 games to try and get back in the race. Hopefully, we can maintain this winning streak.

You've just come off your best game ever, what was your worst? Which one motivates you more?

Worst game I ever had? I think it was last year at home against Portland -- I couldn't make a shot. I think that is the worst game of my career.

I think worst because you're so frustrated with how badly you played, the outcome of the game, or whatever. You want to come out next game or practice and try to redeem yourself and do the unthinkable. It's easier to get motivated off of bad games.

You recently praised Kendrick Perkins for helping guide you through this down season. Have there been other players you have come to for advice? Perhaps even asked Drew Brees a question?

I haven't talked to Drew, but just other players on our team. Jrue Holiday, Quincy, when he's around, you said Perk. All them guys, we try to lean off each other. They come to me sometimes and ask me about situations because I've been around elite players in the Olympics and World Cup. Everybody goes to each other for questions or advice on something that is going on. There is not a person on the team that we really go to. We try to keep it all equal around the locker room.

Anthony, how much are you enjoying your partnership with H&R Block? Have they already helped you with your taxes or are you procrastinating like so many other Americans?

{Davis laughs.} Nah, I don't procrastinate. I try to always square things away. For all those procrastinators out there, though, if you get a chance, make sure you switch to H&R Block because you can save 50 percent. If that was me, I would switch!

Working with H&R Block has been great; it's been fun. Working with Richard and doing the two spots was a ball. When everybody sees the spots, they'll love Richard just as much.

Which commercial is your favorite? Running with Richard, or getting out of the car after Richard drifted into a parking spot?

Both of them are actually good. It's definitely touch to choose, but I think the jogging one. {Anthony chuckles} When you're jogging with random people and then you kind of part ways, they are probably thinking why is this guy... early on and why does he have tax papers in his hand? I think it's pretty funny that Richard and I are running to H&R Block to get our taxes done for refund season.

Earlier today, I had a chance to read your heartfelt article, You Can’t Choose Family. It’s great that you were able to find the words to describe the horrible tragedy. It’s obvious how much the Williams family influenced all those who played under Monty, and vice versa, how much the players cared right back for Coach and his family. Can you recall a favorite memory of Ingrid, one that perhaps you’ve thought about over the last week?

I remember when we came to their house one time for dinner and they had this dessert. I think it was like this brownie cake... or it was something like that and it was so good! When you're at somebody's house you didn't want to take a lot of food.

{Davis cackles.}

She made sure that I took the entire cake home, "You're going to take this." I took the entire cake home! That just shows the type of woman she was. She didn't care {about materialistic stuff}. She just wanted everybody to be happy and make sure everybody was doing okay. Anything you needed, advice for or someone to talk to, she was definitely there.

That's the thing you're going to miss -- she was so sweet and so genuine. Always thinking of others first. You saw how she was with here kids, Monty. They were the happiest family.

Rapid fire questions

  • Who makes your favorite pizza in New Orleans? What are your favorite toppings?
  • I have a couple of pizza spots, but my favorite toppings are pepperoni and sausage.

  • If you had to choose, Popeye’s or Raising Cane’s?
  • Popeye's.

  • If you could go to dinner with one celebrity, who would it be and why?
  • Dead or alive? Michael Jackson, he's the King of Pop!

  • Do you have a favorite group at the moment?
  • Uhh, no.

  • Favorite non-sports video game?
  • Call of Duty.

  • Do you have a go-to smoothie at the Smoothie King Center?
  • It's weird because I don't pick one smoothie. I go make my own smoothie. It has watermelon, apples, oranges, it's a whole bunch of stuff.

  • They should patent it. Why haven't they released an Anthony Davis Smoothie yet?
  • I'm pretty sure they don't know I go get it. {Davis chuckles.}

  • Name one player you would least like to face?
  • Probably Michael Jordan.

  • Should the Hack-a-Shaq rule be changed?
  • That's tough. It helps teams, it hurts teams. I don't think it should be changed. I think it actually helps guys work on their free throws.

  • Old Pierre or new Pierre?
  • New Pierre.

  • What is the most annoying thing the media says about you?
  • Umm, I don't know. I don't really listen to the media. You can pick an answer.

  • Who has the worst nickname in the league?
  • I don't even hear nicknames. I don't know. I have no idea.

  • Your favorite away stadium?
  • I'd say Golden State because it's always packed and I love playing in environments like that. I think that gets people going.

  • If you could repave one road in New Orleans, which one would it be?
  • I don't know, there's a lot of them!

  • If you could give a totally devastating block that caused the basketball to explode like the Death Star (from Star Wars), who would be taking that shot?
  • There's a lot of people that would be taking that shot. {Davis snickers.} Would definitely have to be one of the Greats. I'd include Kobe Bryant, definitely Michael Jordan and probably Tim Duncan.

    **None of this would have been possible were it not for the following people so The Bird Writes would like to thank Anthony Davis, Emily Amato, Patrick Wixted and H&R Block. This is Davis’s first year partnering with H&R Block, the tax service provider of the NBA, and his first non-sports sponsorship. This Refund Season, H&R Block is offering a Half-Off promotion, allowing clients new to Block to file their tax return at half off the price they paid another tax preparer last year.