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Anthony Davis scored 59 points on the Pistons and the highlights have arrived

That's a lot of buckets.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis set a New Orleans Pelicans franchise record scoring 59 points on the Detroit Pistons earlier today. Thanks to the talents of @DawkinsMTA (who you should follow on Twitter) here is a superb highlight video of each and every bucket scored. The Pelicans, locked in a tight contest throughout which they won by a slim 111-106 margin, needed each and every point to secure a second straight victory. To the tape!

What struck me about this game is how often Davis got the ball close to the basket. 17 of his 34 shots came within eight feet while just 9 were 16 feet or further. That's a vastly improved distribution from what we've seen most of the season, a point I harped on earlier this week when discussing the relative struggles of the offense in total. This shot chart is a thing of beauty. Let's frame it and hang it in the offices at Airline Drive as a reminder to run the pick and roll often.

AD Record Shot Chart

Of course there's more to it than just Davis making shots. As John Schuhmann notes, Davis played a lot of minutes with Jrue Holiday today with superb results.

Let's all hope that Davis and Holiday will spend a lot of minutes on the floor together running the pick and roll in the remaining 27 games. Today was fun! Watching our team play basketball should be fun too!