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NBA Trade Deadline: Grading potential Ryan Anderson trade partners

Three good moves might exist. Then there are the Clippers.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

As of this morning, four different teams have rumored interest in trading for New Orleans Pelicans power forward Ryan Anderson. Three are in the Eastern Conference in various forms of contention. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are title contenders looking to possibly move Kevin Love to increase their ability to match up in the Finals with (most likely) Golden State. The Toronto Raptors are hoping to improve their power forward position to get out of the first round. Kevin Durant might not come to the Washington Wizards this summer but that franchise needs a playoff berth (currently three games out of the 8th seed) to help sell KD2DC.

Then there are the Los Angeles Clippers, with hardly anything to offer at all.

Let's rank these four potential trade partners based on the return Dell Demps may be able to get in moving Anderson.

#1- Washington Wizards

Washington is reportedly mulling using Otto Porter to acquire Anderson in a transaction. That's a huge win for the Pelicans and far more than I expect will happen. Beyond Porter is the hope that maybe Kris Humphries and Kelly Oubre come to New Orleans in a potential deal -- first proposed by Zach Lowe.

#2- Cleveland Cavaliers

If the Cavs actually want Anderson, it means Kevin Love is also on the move. Having both does not make sense. So, naturally this moves into three-team transaction likely involving the Boston Celtics receiving Love. Danny Ainge has a stockpile of assets at his disposal with both players (Jared Sullinger) and picks available (2016 Mavericks 1st, 2016 Celtics 1st, 2016 & 2017 Timberwolves 2nds) to move in order to get a superstar like Love.

Side note: Kevin Love is a super star. His role in Cleveland doesn't allow him to put up massive numbers but he has proven himself more than capable in the past.

#3- Toronto Raptors

As I've already outlined, a trade of Anderson for Patrick Patterson and either Delon Wright or the Raptors 2016 First Round Pick could make some sense. Patterson fills in as a backup PF on a decent contract next year while New Orleans gains a young asset in either the pick or Wright.

#30- Los Angeles Clippers

Doc Rivers doesn't have anything valuable to trade unless he's moving Blake Griffin to a third team as the Cavs could above. The Clippers are an awful trade partner unless someone else is involved and so far there are no reports other teams are involved.