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Discussing the types of assets the Pelicans should seek prior to trade deadline

Which resource should New Orleans tap to improve their roster?

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What asset(s) should Demps prioritize in possible transactions? (I.e. draft picks, young but unproven players, young but proven players, etc)

Jason AlbertI would prioritize going for young and proven players. The Pelicans are terrible this season, need to improve and build a solid, proven core.

Kevin Barrios: I'm in the young established, or young seemingly about to break out player model. I don't think we can afford to take a huge step back by trading for purely draft considerations or 1st or 2nd year players. The window for that is passed. We need to build a solid core around Anthony Davis that can get us in the hunt within the next two years. AD deserves it, should demand it and the fan base needs it for this team to be financially viable.

David FisherDraft picks or players still on their rookie contract. As I've written many times the Pelicans need to build with keeping Anthony Davis in New Orleans beyond this contract in mind. That requires a patience that I worry Dell Demps, given the heat under his seat, is unwilling to oblige. Finding a suitable trading partner might be difficult considering a two team trade, but if a bigger blockbuster actually begins to take shape Demps should be on hand ready to both accept expiring salary and young players or draft picks to help facilitate with Ryan Anderson, Alexis Ajinca, or even Eric Gordon. I doubt anyone actually wants Eric Gordon.

Quentin HaynesDraft picks over younger players. This is the reason I would want a first round pick over Delon Wright in a hypothetical Raptors trade. The Pelicans should build an arsenal of assets in the form of picks, allowing them to be active in the draft and in trades. They already started it with six draft picks in the next two years.

Oleh Kosel: Young proven players are optimal, yet they cost an arm and a leg. (Jrue Holiday, anyone?) Draft picks would be at the top of my list, but I don't have the utmost confidence in the current regime. Some may think I'm referring to Austin Rivers or another specific example, but my reasoning has more to do with the front office's lack of experience. The Pelicans have prioritized building their roster outside of the draft for so many years that I question their ability and expertise to shift strategies on the fly and do a great job.

Simply put, the Pelicans have proven to possess a knack for finding productive talent in nooks and crannies: From plucking overseas players like Alexis Ajinca, Gustavo Ayon and Brian Roberts to signing under appreciated NBA talent like Dante Cunningham and Quincy Pondexter. This skill should easily translate to young players unnecessarily biding their time on the other teams; thus, my preference is New Orleans hunt through opponent rosters for young unproven players and score a DeMarre Carroll, Will Barton, Kent Bazemore or Khris Middleton of their own.

Owen SanbornEveryone falls in love with the thought of draft picks and young assets. Sometimes it is just better to zig when all of the other teams are zagging. I would try and target some undervalued players that are already under contract for multiple years (think a Tobias Harris type). Now, getting a player of Harris' caliber with only Anderson to throw out there is a tough ask. All I am saying is that it is OK to sacrifice some of next summer's cap space if the right deal comes about.