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Kevin Pelton projects Anthony Davis contract will not qualify for Derrick Rose rule

Additionally, ESPN ranks Anthony Davis second on their trade value list, sitting behind only Stephen Curry.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Pelton published an informative read today where he ranked the top 50 NBA players according to their trade value across the league. His methodology included an objective approach by comparing production, both current and future, to salaries. Pelton assigned a dollar value to each player's production and determined a projected net value. However, keep in mind that the final rankings of the members on the list included two parts of #NBARank panel voting.

Stephen Curry ranked first on the list because has a net trade value of around $25 million -- no other player surpassed the $20 million dollar mark. However, despite a somewhat down season, Anthony Davis occupied second place on Pelton's list, largely on the strength of his potential on future production. It is important to note that Pelton perceives Davis of possessing the highest net value ($125 million).

Despite taking a step backwards in his development this season -- in part because of the injuries that have riddled the New Orleans backcourt -- Davis is still poised to become perhaps the league's best player over the next three years (he's projected as such). Remember, he won't turn 23 until next month and was getting MVP buzz before the season.

No other Pelicans made the list. The more notable bit of news, though, came after Pelton's initial assessment of Davis' value when he referred to his qualifier.

However, his top spot in the statistical projections does come with an asterisk -- I'm projecting here that Davis won't make one of this season's All-NBA teams, pegging the contract extension he signed last summer at an estimated $120 million over five years. If Davis makes All-NBA, his contract jumps to an estimated $144 million thanks to the so-called "Derrick Rose rule". In that case, Davis would drop to second.

Anthony Davis not qualifying for the Rose Rule would have a significant impact on future cap sheets for the New Orleans Pelicans. This would represent a savings of $23+ million dollars! Davis' camp would obviously be unhappy about this turn of events, but it would give the Pelicans more freedom to allocate those funds elsewhere during the length of Davis new contract set to begin next season.

Granted, this news should be taking with a grain of salt, as Pelton would probably be the first to remind everyone that it is only a projection. However, given the significance of the news, it is certainly relevant to make mention of it now, regardless of the odds of coming to fruition.