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Pelicans would be smart to just hang onto Jrue Holiday

Since all the offers are likely to remain sub-optimal, New Orleans might as well claim Holiday is not available to prospective teams.

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If Demps were to trade away Jrue Holiday, what should be the minimum amount of value should he seek in return? (I.e. an equally productive player relatively of the same age, a combination of younger, lesser accomplished players, draft picks, etc.)

Jason AlbertIf Dell Demps were to trade Jrue Holiday I would prefer it be for a younger player with more upside and draft picks. Maybe a package that includes Elfrid Payton from the Magic?

Kevin BarriosWith Holiday's injury history and the cost he came to us with, we will not get fair value for him from anyone. There are just too many solid point guards in this league that come with less injury problems. I think it's impossible to get acceptable value for him, so I wouldn't be looking to trade him at all.

David FisherA really good player or prospect in their own right. Jrue Holiday is really good. Reeeeeeally good. I can't pick out a player or specific pick and say "that's what I want" because I have already resigned myself that a Holiday trade is simply unrealistic at this time. Holiday is worth far more to the Pelicans than to another team so a trade is unlikely to return fair value in my eyes.

Quentin HaynesTo answer the question, I think the Pelicans should look for a young wing in a trade for Jrue Holiday. Utah is the trade partner, and I wouldn’t hate something along the lines of Holiday for Alec Burks and a future pick like OKC’s 2018 first or even Utah's 2017 first rounder. It’s so tough to get a young wing, while easy to get a point guard (feels like multiple PGs are on the market every year), so I would plug and play at that position.

My bigger issue, or question, is Jrue Holiday healthy? If he is healthy, then holding him for bigger minutes to make a run, making an addition at the deadline and going for the eighth seed makes sense to me.  On the other hand, if Jrue is still affected by the injury, that’s a bad thing because you have to trade him and find an actual number two option to go with Davis AND try to get value for him.

Oleh Kosel: Among those who have appeared in 750 minutes or more this season, only 40 players have a PER higher than Jrue Holiday. Then, when you factor in his injury history, the Pelicans have little to no chance of fetching equal return on a player relatively similar to his age (25) and productivity.

If the medical staff has absolutely no indications his tibia will present problems again, why trade away a legitimate All-Star candidate for potential in the form of draft picks or undeveloped players? The time to go down that road was just prior to trading for Holiday.

Owen SanbornI would not trade Jrue Holiday because any offer that Demps is going to get will be fifty-sixty cents on the dollar at best given Holiday's injury history. He is too valuable to the future of this team to flip him for a shallow return. I bet anything that smart teams are calling about him, though. He would be terrorizing up in Utah.