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Answering how the Pelicans should approach Ryan Anderson prior to the trade deadline

Does Anderson have any remaining value to New Orleans?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Should Demps trade Ryan Anderson at all costs before the deadline, getting the best asset he can in return, or should he set a bar and force teams to go above that line because re-signing Anderson this coming offseason would not be the worst option?

Jason AlbertIf a strong enough offer is not presented to the Pelicans then they should hang on to him. There is always the possibility of using him in a sign-and-trade, which in my opinion is the best option!

Kevin BarriosYes, you need to get what you can for Anderson unless you are committed to playing AD at the five full time. You can't pay those two guys that kind of money to play the same position. I'd move Anderson to fill other holes.

David FisherYes, absolutely. Moving Ryan Anderson for the best possible return should be item number one on his to-do list. Anderson is not a long term answer to any on-court question the Pelicans are going to ask themselves over the next four seasons. Anthony Davis can already shoot. The other "big man" beside him should provide defense, rebounding, play-making, and finally shooting in that order. Anderson provides none of my first three qualifications at a suitable level.

Quentin HaynesYes. This might be a hot take, but the Pelicans re-signing Ryan Anderson just doesn’t make sense to me. He seems like someone destined to get overpaid in his last big contract. With several needs on the roster, I’m not a fan. Because of that, I would trade him at all costs. Get an asset or two back and try to replace some of his production with a free agent acquisition on offense, while getting an upgrade on defense.

Oleh Kosel: Set the bar and get teams to meet it. If the Suns are demanding a first round pick AND a young player for Markieff Morris, the Pelicans cannot simply give away a valuable asset in this market.

For all his faults, Ryan Anderson still has plenty of value. He is just one of six players averaging over 18 points, 6 rebounds and 2 threes a game per 36 minutes. He is by far and away the most effective player on the roster from the post. Lastly, data suggests he isn't the monumental failure on defense as everyone constantly claims.

If the Pelicans are legitimately seeking to build around Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday, Ryan Anderson has routinely proven to fit well alongside the duo this season, last year and back in 2013-14. Oh, and for all those who seek a combination that can compete with Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, there were indications during last season's playoff meeting that Anderson, Davis and Holiday might be able to hold their own against the world's best. (Don't forget Holiday and Anderson were shells of what they are currently.)

As Kevin mentions above, a lot of the Flamethrower's value to the Pelicans down the road is tied to just how willing Davis is to moving to the center position on a more full-time basis. After witnessing AD's drop in efficiency combined with a more questionable shot selection during this campaign, I would prefer the team gets him back closer to the paint by any means necessary. Keeping Anderson around would accomplish that mission.

Owen SanbornI would trade Anderson if the right deal presents itself. Right now is probably peak value for Anderson as a player, so it makes sense to cash in on that value if given the opportunity. On the other hand, if there is no market for him, I would just play it out and see how free agency goes in the summer. Do not trade him just to trade him.