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The one player the New Orleans Pelicans should target before all others prior to trade deadline

Not surprisingly, the addition of another wing player tops the list for the entire staff.

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Name one player Dell Demps should attempt to trade for above all others prior to the upcoming deadline? How could he accomplish the feat? (Obviously, make it a reasonable target which can realistically be brought to New Orleans with the assets the Pelicans have at their disposal.)

Jason AlbertDoes trading Asik to the Cleveland Cavaliers for nothing count as an answer? Dell Demps can do this by showing him how terrible Mozgov has been this year, and how effective Asik can be when he isn't required to contribute to the offense.

Kevin BarriosThere are two players on this roster that need to be here for the long haul — Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday. Personally, I'd include Tyreke Evans in the mix as well, but if a major hole can be filled by moving him I can swallow that — although it would be begrudgingly.

If we keep those two or three players and assuming that Asik isn't getting moved our most pressing need is at the three. Unfortunately, solid threes are hard to come by. I doubt Boston would make this move unless we can piggy-back on a trade involving Kevin Love, but Jae Crowder would be a great get. Perhaps Kevin Love goes to Boston, Jae Crowder comes to the Pelicans, Ryan Anderson and picks from Boston go to the Cavs with Norris Cole as well.

Another target I'd look at is Victor Oladipo. I'd send our current first rounder and/or anyone not named Davis or Holiday to Orlando for him. If Evans stays in the fold, Holiday, Oladipo and Evans could all play together. If Evans is moved, then Holiday and Oladipo can form a very scary defensive minded backcourt. This move can also be a three team deal with the Magic and Toronto. The Pelicans receive Victor Oladipo, Bismack Biyombo and Delon Wright. Orlando receives Denver's 2nd round pick from us, the right to swap 1st round picks with us and Toronto's 1st round pick along with Patrick Patterson. Toronto gets Ryan Anderson and Philly's 2017 2nd round pick from us.

David FisherKelly Oubre remains at the top of my list. I can see the Wizards making a move for Ryan Anderson between now and Thursday. Their only shot at getting Kevin Durant still means they need to actually be good this season. Anderson would kill it with John Wall as his point guard.

Getting away from Alvin Gentry might do Ryno good; fewer sets called for Anderson to create his own shot. Let's get weird here and even send Alexis Ajinca on the way too as a really low cost center replacement for Nene's expiring contract. Gotta have depth too, Washington.

Wiz Trade

Quentin Haynes It's a longshot, but I would push for Orlando’s Victor Oladipo. The Magic seem to want to take a step forward in their rebuilding process and according to Brian Windhorst are taking calls on everyone. I don’t know what it would take to get him, but Oladipo as a second ball-handler and defender, I would love Oladipo as a young piece to build around Anthony Davis with.

Oleh Kosel: The Charlotte Hornets may seem on the cusp of the playoffs, but Michael Kidd-Gilchrist suffered another injury just prior to the All-Star break and Al Jefferson has been in and out of the lineup. Marvin Williams and Jeremy Lin are in position to leave, if they so choose, at the end of season.

Why do I bring this up? The Hornets future is quite cloudy, and if team direction is important to Nicolas Batum, a player in his prime, he could decide to leave for greener pastures as the 27-year old wingman is also in the final year of his contract. I don't have much doubt their front office would like to retain him, but enough speculation exists to question this reality as the Nets and other teams are preparing to chase him in free agency.

Why would he choose to remain with the Pelicans when his contract concludes in April? Despite the disappointing season, a lot of positives exist: Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday, a more en vogue uptempo system that would seek to utilize his passing and three-point shooting, and one of his best friends, Alexis Ajinca.

Admittedly, chasing and bringing Batum to the Crescent City requires a willingness by Charlotte to deal him, Demps possessing the correct assets to trade for him, and correctly gauging Batum's odds of re-signing with the Pelicans. If all the dominos were to fall right, though, I believe he'd make for a great addition alongside many on the current roster and an excellent fit under Demps' preferred win-now strategy.

Owen Sanborn: This is a tough question considering that Demps does not have too many non-injured assets at his disposal. I personally am a fan of seeking out an underutilized wing with the label of being a "project." Neil Olshey and the Portland Trail Blazers followed this premise when they acquired Moe Harkless from Orlando last summer for essentially nothing. A player that immediately comes to mind is Tony Snell, although we may have to wait until the summer for a deal of that nature to come to fruition.