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Anthony Davis has been awarded his own emoji for the All-Star game

Only one guess as to what it could possibly be. More importantly, use it to vote the Unibrow the MVP!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In keeping up with the times, the NBA has decided to join the emoji craze. During this weekend's All-Star event, the players selected to participate in Sunday night's game have been awarded corresponding emoji.

For fans wanting to get in on the fun, it's easy. Simply tweet the hashtag symbol followed by the players first and last name and voila!

However, in addition to spurring the enjoyment factor, the emoji also serves another purpose. As you may or may not know, fans help decide the Most Valuable Player for the All-Star game. (Fan votes account for 25% of the overall vote.)

Beginning in the fourth quarter this Sunday, fans can use #KiaAllStarMVP in combination with #firstnamelastname in the same tweet to cast their vote. Retweets are allowed up to 100 times so be mindful of this fact when attempting to cast your vote.

Below are a couple of nice snapshots of all the emoji from the Eastern and Western Conference rosters.

Which one(s) do you like? Sports Illustrated was not much of a fan as it ranked the Unibrow 15th among all 24 representatives. They cited a lack of originality for their low grade. Personally, I don't agree with punishing Davis for already possessing one of the best trademarks in the league!