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Bryce Dejean-Jones finds himself in limbo, possibly due to contract demands

Despite an initial standoff, there remains hope the Pelicans and Dejean-Jones will eventually reach an agreement.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Lost amid all newsworthy events that occurred yesterday, Bryce Dejean-Jones second 10-day contract expired following the matchup with the Utah Jazz. NBA teams are allowed to offer only two 10-day contracts to the same player every season, so if the Pelicans wish to further employ his services, he needs to sign, at a minimum, a rest of the season contract.

With no announcement of an agreement in place as of this writing, Dejean-Jones is not expected to be in uniform when the New Orleans Pelicans face the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night. The reason for this situation appears to be the fact that the two sides have been unable to come to terms of a new deal.

Last week, David broke down the potential routes the front office can take in order to secure Dejean-Jones for the long term. If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, I urge you do so as it explains the intricacies of each path.

If I had to wager, Dell Demps is offering something similar to the minimum exception (essentially only interested in keeping BDJ through the rest of this season), but Dejean-Jones craves a guaranteed multi-year deal. Perhaps his agent, Scott Wong Nichols, believes he can get one based on his first 219 minutes in the NBA, and if the Pelicans do not acquiesce to their demands, then DeJean-Jones will go elsewhere.

The problem is, the list is rather short of other NBA teams possessing the roster space available to currently sign an NBA free agent. Further, open roster spots are enviable prior to trade deadlines as they allow for greater flexibility in facilitating transactions. With how dismal the 2015-16 campaign has gone for New Orleans, it wouldn't be surprising to learn Demps and other general managers hopeful for activity prefer to keep their options open until February 18th has come and gone. Essentially, Demps has time to play the field and call Dejean-Jones bluff as the Pelicans next game following tonight's contest in Oklahoma City comes on February 19th.

As The Bird Writes has mentioned on several occasions (here and here), Dejean-Jones has made for a nice addition to the team and aptly filled the minutes vacated by Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon and Quincy Pondexter. However, is he worth a contract at this point in time which would eat into future cap spaces? Based on where Dejean-Jones ends up, we should get the New Orleans Pelicans answer in due time.